VCOC-Volunteer Center Orange County


Volunteer Center Orange County


FOUNDED IN 1958, Volunteer Center Orange County has a 47-year track record of encouraging people to become personally involved in making our community a good and welcoming place to live, work, and raise a family. Since its early beginnings, we have developed ways for people to best use their valuable time and talents to help others.

Volunteer Center Orange County has the distinction of serving as a successfullegacy created by the very first community service project of the Junior League of Orange County. Today, we have grown and matured into the fifth largest and most comprehensive of the 350 volunteer centers nationwide. We also enjoy a partnership status with Orange County’s United Way to provide voluntary services to local agencies and with the Points of Light Foundation to participate in volunteer initiatives nationally.

We provide services to all 34 cities in Orange County and are comprised of a governing board of 19, a professional staff of 34 and a volunteer base of 350 individuals.

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