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E-IAVE  March 2006




§         A Message from the World President

§         World Conference Preparations in Full Swing

§         Announcing “THE FORUMS” at the World Conference

§         A Message to Our Members in Latin America

§         Ecological Justice – Building a Sustainable Community

§         An Appreciation of Mary Merrill from Russia

§         Two New International Scams

§         A Report from Russia on Global Youth Service Day

§         “Voluntary Action” on International Service

§         Peace Child International Headquarters

§         A Suggestion of New Trends?

§         Volunteering in China – A New Report

§         Code of Good Practice in Development Volunteering

§         Resources You Can Use Today




In February I spent a week in India working with the conference planning team, and am glad to report that planning is moving ahead well.

The host organisation is the People’s Institute for Development and Training, in partnership with IAVE India. They are looking forward to welcoming us all!

The venue is the Habitat Centre, a purpose built conference centre in central Delhi.

The theme could hardly be more urgent or appropriate: Volunteering for Peace in Multi-Cultural Societies. Well known and distinguished speakers from around the world have been invited.

The conference will offer a mix of plenary and mini-plenary sessions, and a range of workshops. Check out the call for papers for the thematic tracks and get your proposals in early – the number of workshops is limited!

For the first time we are introducing a number of Forums on specialist topics, where IAVE will partner with leaders in their fields. Topics will include Research, Volunteering by Seniors, Volunteer Centres, CSR and Corporate Volunteering, International NGO’s and Volunteers.

We will launch the new Global Corporate Volunteer Council at the conference.

Participants will have the opportunity to visit volunteer organisations in New Delhi, and to share in cultural events.


  • The conference will be preceded by a two-day International Youth Volunteering event.


  • IAVE will host the biennial Meeting of Members, Regional Meetings, a meeting of National Representatives, and, for the first time, a meeting of IAVE National Associations.




The conference website, with an outline programme and details of registration and accommodation, will be in place this month.  Find it on www.volunteerindia.com   There will also be a link from the IAVE website – www.iave.org.  The call for papers is already on both websites.

Some deadlines to note:

15 June – deadline for early-bird registrations

30 June – deadline for proposals for papers and workshops

30 June – deadline for scholarship applications

15 September – deadline for registrations

There will be a scholarship programme, but it will be limited. Full scholarships will be very rare. Please start your own ‘scholarship search’ now.

Hoping to see you there,

Liz Burns



[Many of you know Professor Subhachari Dasgupta who has been involved with IAVE for almost 20 years as a member of the board, active participant in regional and international conferences, founder of IAVE India.  His sharp thinking and quick wit have long challenged us to take a new look at our work.  In this report on preparation for the 2006 World Conference, he shows us that he is well plugged in to our technology-linked world.]

The Mother Board

For “ Volunteering for Peace in Multicultural Societies” was designed with the help of the Conference Advisory Committee through meetings at New Delhi. Distinguished participation from abroad of Mr Kishan Joshi long time member of IAVE and Wild Rose Foundation from Canada,  of Robert Leigh, UNV Head of Policy,  President of IAVE Liz Burns, Ms Kinoku of UNV India and UNV volunteer Sri Santam Seth, a Buddhist peace activist value added to the meetings.

Amongst the Indians were a long times associates, volunteers and of volunteer mentors such as Dr Harry Sethi of Federation of Indian Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries; Dr Yogendra Singh, world famous sociologist, Dr. M.L. Dewan formerly of FAO and a Volunteer for Development of Himalayan region, Dr. Ambasht, renowned educationist , Rajeev Singh developing extensive volunteer programs amongst other friends. Their invaluable support is the strength of the conference. 

The motherboard consists of the main basis of designing the structure of the conference:

The direction of all-inclusive 6 tracks for papers (have been sent out to members.).

  • The Architecture of the conference.
  • Main conference
  • Youth conference
  • The facilities and fund raising
  • New concept of forums has also been introduced for the first time in the International conference.
  • Connectivity is the essence of the international conference which has been designed on the basis of these meetings. 

The main structure of the conference was set and sent around as “Call for Papers” to members and others that have shown interest throughout the world. Special efforts are being made to seek participation from Spanish speaking countries and nations. Help from Spanish volunteers has been sought.  


The Chips  

With the six track slots on the motherboard are the papers received from various presenters. They will be fitted neatly as chips do to the Mother Board. Forums have also been designed and will be fitted in USB ports.


Main input without which nothing will work is money. for which negotiation are on in India as well as abroad. Ms. Liz Burns and Mr. Krishan Joshee are working in North America to raise funds that will power the Conference. In India also various approaches for fund raising are on the anvil.


For good connectivity new web information systems are being designed. Connectivity is important like electricity in a computer.  It has to be put in place for which web site design and E-mail contact responses are pouring in.


Good volunteering will be needed for the integrated system to work. Volunteer leaders from collages and schools are showing great deal of interest. We are also trying to get at least one volunteer for as many languages as possible to make the participants comfortable.


Participants at the 19th IAVE World Conference in New Delhi, India, 10-14 November 2006, will be able to choose between plenary sessions, mini-plenaries, workshops, and a number of Topic Forums.

The Forums are a new venture for IAVE World Conferences.  The idea for the Forums came partly from requests from people in the field and partly from side-events at the 2001 conference in Amsterdam.

The purpose of the Forums is to create space for more focused and intensive work on a specific area of interest than is generally possible in workshops.

Each Forum will last for a minimum of three hours.  The content will include a mix of presentations and papers from invited speakers, discussion and debate, round-table or panel discussions.  The Forums will be open to any conference participant who wishes to attend.  The focus will be on policy and strategic development, as well as on practice.  IAVE is delighted to be organising the Forums in partnership with others.

Topics identified so far include:

 The Work of Volunteer Centres

 Volunteering by Seniors – new approaches

 Volunteers in International NGO’s

 Research in Volunteering

 Volunteering in Response to Disasters

 Volunteering and Corporate Social Responsibility

Interested?  To find out more, check the conference website www.volunteerindia.org  or contact info@iave.org or iavepres@ukonline.co.uk 


Liz Burns





[The following was sent to us by Maria Teresa Gnecco, Latin America Representative on the IAVE Board of Directors.]


Queridos colegas voluntarios de Latinoamerica


Creo que es una necesidad para poder fortalecer IAVE en Latino America tener

en Español  todos los documentos que recibimos, el Boletin electronico

mensual, los documentos sobre el congreso en la India , la pagina web the

IAVE con noticias de la region entre otros. Aunque es mi proposito trabajar

en las traducciones, no me es posible hacerlas todos.  Si alguien está

interesado en ayudar en las traducciones le agradeceria de manera muy

especial me lo dijera para repartirnos la tarea.


Un abrazo,


Maria Teresa




[This article was submitted by Dr. Tim Wu, member of the IAVE board of directors from Taiwan.]


World Social Forum (WSF) has proceeded from 2001. It is an open meeting venue for global members and civic societies opposed to Globalization, Neo-Liberalism and Capitalism to debate, thinking exchange, and experience share. IAVE Taiwan has participated in WSF annually since 2004. In 2006, IAVE Taiwan brought the Ecology Justice issue and shared to other countries around the world.


2006 WSF first organized three forums by regions; one was at Mali’s Babako, One at Venezuela’s Caracas, and One at Pakistan’s Karachi. The WSF in America this year was held at the plaza of Universidad central in Caracas, Venezuela on Jan. 24, 2006. IAVE Taiwan also gathered many Taiwanese environmental protection-based organizations to participate to air Taiwan’s efforts on ecology and aggressively join the international society.


In 2005, the Kyoto protocol started globally, and UN also approved The Earth Charter. To call the globe for respecting the diverse of ecology, IAVE Taiwan and other well-known Environment Protection organizations with great efforts, including TEIA, Taiwan Ecological Stewardship Association (TESA), and Society of Wildlife And Nature (SWAN), proposed the theme “Ecological Justice-Building a Sustainable Community” to share the volunteer effort in terms of environmental issues.


Through workshops and photo exhibitions, IAVE Taiwan and others precisely and sincerely delivered Taiwanese ecological experiences including database and website’s building, National and International volunteers’ bridging, artificial wetland’s developing and rebuilding, and ecological education’s delivering. With Q & A session, IAVE Taiwan and others shared and learnt more from the dialogue with international participants, and built cross-cultural platform and mechanism. We not only brought Taiwan to the International stage, but also sustainable development issue to the globe.


Though there were many other environmental organizations’ joining, Taiwan delegation attracted local media and even reported Taiwan’s voice on daily. The workshop and exhibition also interested local people and increased the exposures. Taiwan delegation, no doubt, seized the opportunity to source international cooperation and learning.  IAVE Taiwan and delegation members were honored to participate in and express the national voice and experience of Taiwan volunteers, and received International identification.




We bring our deepest condolences in occasion of Mary's premature death.


It was so awfully it awfully and bitterly to hear, that Mary has died and is not present with us anymore.  For allthevoluntary community in the world it is the hardest loss.


We in Russia will always remember Maryas the remarkable friend and the most experienced teacher and for her  huge contribution in Russian volunteering.


Galina  Bodrenkova

Elena Zakharova

Antonina Popova

Igor Zakharov




Several issues ago, we reported on an internet-based scam in which invitations are sent by email to non-existent international conference, promising free air fare and visas to the US and UK and asking people to send money for their hotel reservations. 


This month, two new ones came to our attention.  Here is the first paragraph of the email one is using:


On behalf of the International Development Fund, the local Hosts Memphis and Oxford and the co-organizers of the Seventh International NGOs & CBOs Summits on lasting development and development financing, we have the pleasure to invite you to meet us on the occasion of one of the most important events in the framework of the fight for the human and community development which will take place in Memphis, United States from April 16-21, 2006 and in Oxford, United Kingdom from April 23-28, 2006 : The 2006 CONGRESS - (Eight International NGOs & CBOs Summits on development).


Recipients of the invitation are asked to send US $230 via Western Union to a person in Togo.


The second begins:


It is with great enthusiasm that we the members of CANADA FOREIGN WORKERS RECRUITMENT PROGRAMME(CFWRP) United kingdom, invites organizations, youths and youth-focused organizations to take an active role in the forthcoming International conferences taking place in the United States and SENEGAL (West Africa).


It promises a visa to the US and asks for names and passport numbers.


Once again, please do not be taken in by this fraud.  DO NOT SEND MONEY TO THEM.  DO NOT SEND PERSONAL INFORMATION TO THEM.  Please DO help spread the word about these frauds to volunteers and NGOs in your country.




[From Galina Bodrenkova, IAVE National Representative in Russia and head of the Russian Volunteer Development Center.]


Silvia Blitzer Golombek, Ph.D., Vice President of Programs at Youth Service America has informed us that the Russian Volunteer Development Center and the Sozidanie Foundation have been selected as a National Lead Agency for Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) 2006. Youth Service America has been able to secure funding from the Disney Company to support GYSD work in Russia, India and Hong Kong




In a perfect example of how news often comes to us, Liz Burns shared a letter she had received announcing a special issue on International Service produced by “Voluntary Action,” the journal published by the Institute for Volunteering Research in London, in cooperation with the Center for Social Development at Washington University in St. Louis


You can learn more and read abstracts at http://www.ivr.org.uk/voluntaryaction.htm



[This article was sent to us by Carlos Roca, Youth Representative on the IAVE Board of Directors.]

In the Department of Magdalena in Colombia - South America, a hope with the present process of debomilization is opened delivers of weapons and reintegration of veterans of the self-defense.  It is calculated in little more than 2.000 them demobilized to reintegrate in the Magdalena. With these demobilizations the Magdalena shelters the hope and expectation to begin to reconstruct social weaving, relations of confidence and supportive contact, as well as of repair to the victims of the armed conflict and to facilitate the return to the land of thousands of families displaced persons by the violence.  

Likewise, we embrace the dream that the guerrilla warfare plunges itself these processes of peace to complete the defusing of the armed conflict and they cease founders it, the fear and the insecurity, leading to new times of reconciliation, solidarity, peaceful contact and social justice.

For the civil company of the department of Magdalena and its institutions it constitutes an immense challenge to create the political, economic, and social conditions that acclimate gradually the confidence between ourselves and toward the State.  

Efforts for the work positions creation will be needed, productive alliances among microcomputer, small, medium and large businesses, delivery of apt lands to rural families, networks of commercialization and transfer of technology, among others to fortify the productive weaving and business associate that incorporate al vast market zones and communities of the department up to now excluded of the benefits of the integration to the dynamic currents of the commerce.  

For such reason, by means of decree Not. 1520 of January 30 of 2006, the 2006 Year by the Peace was declared and the Reconciliation in the department of Magdalena, with the purpose to build and to fortify the pardon among the victims, civil company and killers, the justice, the repair, the peaceful contact, the solidarity, the good neighborhood, the respect by the rights of the others, the conservation of the environment and the reconciliation regional and national.  

In the framework of the 2006 Year by the Peace and the Reconciliation in the department of Magdalena, will develop an agenda in which the execution of the WORLD CONGRESS BY THE PEACE is found, that is anticipated to carry out of the 4 al 6 of September in the city of Santa Marta ˆ Colombia.  


To coordinate the pertinent actions, can be communicated with Ms. Patrician  Díaz Hamburger, al cel.  315-7084573, telefax: 57-5-4213237 mail: cultura@gobmagdalena.gov.co, official appointed for the organization of the event.  

Insurances to include their invaluable presence and experience, the Caribbean Region, the Magdalena and Colombia will thank him their unconditional endorsement.  

With feelings of consideration and respect.

Governor of the Department of the Magdalena


In January, the European Volunteer Center (CEV) issued a call for papers and good practice examples for its 2006 General Assembly to be held in Rome April 28-29.  The theme – “Volunteering in the Framework of a Lifelong Learning Policy” – and the topics for papers may suggest the emergence of a new (or, in some places, renewed interest in how volunteering contributes to learning.  The topics are:
  • Instruments to validate and recognize skills and competences learned through volunteering (Volunteer Pass; Volunteers’ skills certificates, etc.)
  • Non formal learning / volunteering as an alternative for people that have failed in the formal education system
  • Non formal learning and Formal learning (in schools, vocational training etc) – projects that bridge the gap between the two areas
  • Volunteering as a means in different life stages - before and beyond retirement
  • Volunteering as a means to achieve skills that enhance employability – possibly common projects with employers


Are similar topics under discussion in your country?  If so, please let us know so we can report it in a future E-IAVE.




The Research Center on Volunteering and Welfare at Peking University (RCVW) published a

special English edition of their Volunteer Service Journal in October 2005. The journal

contains a variety of articles about volunteerism in China, including the relationship with

education and the government, case studies, the role of volunteers in the upcoming Beijing

Olympic Games, and an assessment of China's voluntary sector. The English edition is

available at:






[From the February-March 2006 E-newsletter of the European Volunteer Center]


The Code sets out the responsibilities of Volunteer and Volunteer Sending Agency alike, and integrates key concepts of volunteering for Development. The main purpose of the Code is to set a standard for short-term volunteering in the developing world, for the use of sending organizations, volunteers and hosting organizations. In the more medium term it is hoped that the Code will increase information sharing and networking amongst agencies within the sector; to make the sector more aware of the issues raised in the Code and ultimately to contribute to

improvement of the volunteering experiences of future international volunteers to maximize their impact. The code is available on the Comhlamh website at





Civil Society Budgeting Toolkit: Part 1

[From E-Civicus 280, March 1, 2006] 


This toolkit provides guidelines on how to go about developing and monitoring a budget. It will help you with an overall organisational budget as well as with a budget for a specific project. The toolkit includes tools for estimating costs as well as tips for ensuring that your budgets meet the needs of your project or organisation.For more information:



CEV Manifesto on Volunteering in Europe


[From the February-March 2006 E-newsletter of the European Volunteer Center]


The revised CEV Manifesto on Volunteering in Europe is now available on CEV’s website in

its English, French and German versions. A booklet containing these three languages will be

printed and officially launched the European Parliament on 28 March 2006. Further languages

versions will be published shortly. This manifesto explains why volunteering matters and how

volunteering contributes to the EU’s actions in different fields such as the promotion of a

socially cohesive society or the development of an active European citizenship.


We propose 23 concrete actions how representatives of the EU institutions can recognise, promoteand facilitate volunteering in the EU – amongst them the call for a European Year of Active Citizenship Through Volunteering.


Find the Manifesto at http://www.cev.be/Documents/CEVManifesto.pdf.



PLEASE SEND US YOUR NEWS TO kenn@civilsocietyconsulting.com.

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