Volunteering in Israel

KEDMA: Medical Clown Program

Inspired by Dr. Patch Adams (who is considered to be the father of clown doctors) this project aims to create a new type of experience for volunteers and patients at hospitals.

Medical clowns use their skills such as magic, balloon sculpting, storytelling and other clowning skills to treat children with doses of fun to help them deal with the range of emotions they may experience while in hospital fear, anxiety, loneliness, boredom. The emphasis is on interaction with the patients and their families, rather than entertainment. Laughter is a wonder drug that combat stress, reduces pain by releasing endorphins the bodys natural painkiller, relaxes muscles and boosts the immune system by increasing the level of T cells & lowering serum cortisol levels.

KEDMAs medical clowns volunteer in Jerusalems hospitals helping children from the whole spectrum of Israeli society. KEDMA is creating a clown center where students can borrow props, customs, magic tricks and other instruments.

Coming to Israel to study for the year? interested in becoming a medical clown and volunteering weekly in Jerusalem's hospitals? Contact us at kedma@netvision.net.il  for more information + an application form.

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