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Stagerim: Professional Internship Program

The Internship program runs throughout  the entire year, and job placements can 
be made at any point which is mutually acceptable for the intern and the employer.  Interns must apply 2-3 months in advance.

If you are an independent University Student, Graduate, or young Professional looking for a challenge, then you are ready for the Israel Professional Internship Program!

Stagerim is designed for those who want to gain a sense of everyday life in Israel.  Interns will gain valuable work experience in firms and institutions throughout Israel.  

The Program:
Interns work in their professions in a wide variety of disciplines, including medicine, tourism, hi-tech, law, education, social service, communications, government, etc.  Each job placement is tailor-made, based on the needs of the employer and the qualifications of the applicant. 

The program also provides lectures and trips, and information on cultural and social events.  The Jewish Agency, along with other organizations, arranges various activities in order to give interns a chance to slow down, get to know the other interns, and of course to experience Israel.

Interns receive a small monthly stipend from the Jewish Agency in the amount of $75 per month.  In addition, students may be eligible for university credit.

Interns are required to work 20 hours per week for a minimum of two months.

Hebrew Proficiency:
Certain professional fields within Israel, which involve daily contact with Israelis demand a firm command of Hebrew.  Other professions however, require no Hebrew at all.  A working knowledge of Hebrew is always advantageous, but not required.  Speaking Hebrew will facilitate an easier adjustment to the social environment and help one establish relationships with co-workers.  

There are several options for Ulpan study if an intern would like to study Hebrew while in Israel.  Ulpan is not considered part of the Internship Program and students wishing to study will be required to pay for the Hebrew courses.

Acceptance Criteria:
Students, graduates, or young professionals must be independent adults between the ages of 18-35.  Students must have at least one full-year of professional study.

The possibilities of placement depend upon the intern's profession and qualifications, as well as the general employment situation in Israel at the time of application.  Final acceptance is given only once interns are in Israel, and have been interviewed by their prospective employers.  In the event that a placement does not work out, full effort is made to place interns elsewhere. 

As the Stagerim program is for independent adults, interns are encouraged to find their own accommodations.  However if space is available, interns may stay in a local absorption center.  Absorption centers offer dormitory style accommodations at the highly subsidized cost of $30 per month.  Meals are not provided.  A monthly bus pass will be provided by your employer to account for work related transportation costs.

Health Insurance:
Health insurance is mandatory for all participants, but may be arranged privately by the intern.  Occasionally, U.S. insurance companies are providing health care for travelers.  If not, participants may purchase special travelers insurance for only $80 (Basic Health Insurance valid for 6 months).  Insurance may be upgraded and/or extended for an additional cost.  

Program Costs:
$50 - registration fee.
$30 per month - absorption center accommodations (Optional).
Stipend - $75 per month.
Airfare is not provided.

For more information see http://www.israelprograms.org/JewishAgency/English/Aliyah/Israel+Programs/Professional+Internships/Options/

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