Volunteering in Israel

Livnot U'Lehibanot : Building Community, Israel

Volunteers assist Israeli organizations in such projects as soup kitchens, packing and delivering food packages, and clothing distribution. Without volunteers, these organizations would not be able to serve the thousands of needy Israelis who rely on them for assistance.

Livnot volunteers help out in the local army bases, and individuals with specific skills and training work, through Livnot, in first aid stations, educational settings, and social agencies to support the already-strained services available to Israelis who need assistance.

A work crew sets out from Livnot daily to renovate apartments of the elderly, handicapped, new immigrants, and indigent families who are unable to perform the basic repairs to their homes that can make them habitable. Volunteers join this work crew in painting, plastering, and repairing homes.

For more information: http://www.livnot.com/Pages/volunteer/volunteering.htm

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