Volunteering in Israel

Hospital or Nursing Home Volunteer Program

Applicants may be placed in army or civilian hospitals, in long-term care or psychiatric institutions, or in retirement/nursing home centers.  

Volunteers must commit to a minimum of 4 weeks (one month). We must have this information 4 weeks (one month) prior to the applicant's program date in order to make the necessary arrangements. Hospital assignments are granted subject to availability. 

Work Duties: Please be aware that the work in these facilities is similar to candy-striping or orderly work.  Duties can include preparing meals and feeding patients, helping with transport to therapy or doctor appointments, assisting with walks and other activities, doing errands, or maintenance and cleaning chores.  Whether you are working in the kitchen or the laundry, helping with patient care, or assisting with elder care activities, you will have a rewarding experience and provide a great service!

Please keep in mind that a hospital assignment can be emotionally stressful. Volunteers may work closely with gravely ill, emotionally disturbed or extremely aged patients. A hospital assignment will be most rewarding to those volunteers who have the special gifts of patience, giving, and compassion.

Accommodations: Volunteers on hospital assignments will live in either in dorms provided by Sar-El or staff quarters of the hospital or nursing home. Volunteers will not be guaranteed breakfast or supper, but will receive lunch (the major meal of the day) at their work site.

* Since volunteers will be placed at hospitals depending on requests, expect groups of 1 to 6 persons.

* Although volunteers need to provide their own work clothes, lab coats will be supplied by the hospitals.

Dates: Your request must be made a minimum one month prior to program date. This program is subject to availability.

Cost: $80 non-refundable application fee (only $50 for anyone returning for another program within a 365-day period), airfare, plus some meals. 

Contact: Your local Volunteers for Israel office.

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