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Thousands of Israeli volunteers promote animal welfate

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volunteering in Israel articles

Within the framework of the Animal Welfare Law, volunteer animal welfare trustees are appointed by the Minister of the Environment, carry a special certificate and are authorized to request violators of the law to identify themselves. Reports are then transferred to a special police officer responsible for law enforcement for further treatment. Violators of the law who refuse to identify themselves after being asked to do so are liable to a fine under the law.

Animal welfare trustees include men and women, over the age of 16, from every sector and location in Israel who serve as so-called animal ambassadors. Volunteers may opt for different levels of involvement in the animal welfare system. Voluntary activities may include rescue of animals in distress, assistance in cases of cruelty to animals, law enforcement, promotion of education on animal rights, animal adoption, spaying/neutering and voluntary activity in animal welfare societies.

An animal welfare trustee is granted the authority to:

  • Request identification from anyone seen to violate the Animal Welfare Law for the purpose of submitting a report;
  • Alert a higher authority (supervisor, police officer) for assistance in preventing an offense under the law or in stopping an offense in progress;
  • Present a report on a violation of the law and alert the relevant authorities if it is suspected that an offense has been committed or is anticipated. 

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