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The Israel Service Corps offers three main programs for volunteers: The Community Involvement Program, Short Term Volunteering, and Hi-Tech Internships

Community Involvement Program

The Community Involvement Program offers you an incredible opportunity to spend 5 meaningful months in Israel's society as a functioning member of the community .You will be exposed to life in Israel by living among its citizens and working together strengthening your ties with the country and its people; You are not a tourist, you're family!

In the 1880's Zionist pioneers from throughout the world worked to create a new Jewish state in our ancient homeland - the Land of Israel. Moved by the tenacity and sacrifice of those pioneers, the Israel Service Corps provides today's young Jewish adults, aged 18-30, with a similar opportunity to meet the pressing needs facing Israeli societies and inspire through action.

Based in the peripheral communities of Israel, ISC participants will create their own meaningful volunteer opportunities or choose from existing opportunities, enjoy excursions throughout the country, acquire and use Hebrew, live among Israelis and make lifelong friendships.

To learn more about the project, click here. To apply for this program, click here

Short Term Volunteering

The mission of Israel Service Corps is to become a centre for short and long-term volunteering in Israel. Anyone with the desire to contribute their time to the people of Israel is welcomed to participate. ISC: Short-Term Volunteering works with local leaders in each community to identify the most pressing needs. Volunteers will be able to choose from a variety of volunteer opportunities according to their skills, background, and interests with our partnered organizations who emphasize the importance of education.

Each volunteer will have full control of where they decide to be situated, as well as the duration of their stay in Israel. ISC will act as a liaison between the volunteers and organizations. If anyone requires guidance booking hotels, flights, and/or trips around Israel, the ISC team will offer volunteers assistance.

ISC: Short-Term Volunteering is ideal for individuals who would like to experience Israel from a different perspective. To be placed in organizations throughout Israel who would benefit from having a helping hand. If you or someone you know is planning a trip to Israel and would be interested in spending a portion of their time volunteering, please complete the online application form. For further inquiries, please email us.

 List of Possible Volunteer Opportunities

  • Working with children in after-school programs (i.e. Kadima, Adimar, etc)
  • Teaching English to children, adolescents, and adults in various educational settings, (i.e. elementary school, high school, senior citizen homes, etc).
  • Social Welfare Department (Working with Seniors, people with disabilities, ADD, Autism, blind, etc)
  • Environmental/Nature Organizations
  • Hospitals/Health-Care Centers

 Hi-Tech Internships

Calling All Techies: Israel Service Corps: Internships, a project of Oranim Educational Initiatives, is currently in the process of developing a unique program for college students and young professionals. ISC: Internships is providing you the opportunity of a life-time to spend five enriching months living in Israel!
Availability: Maximum 15 participants

Intern: Imagine working with the some of the world's top notch performers in the Hi-Tech industry! Accelerate your career by getting first-hand experience in your field of interest.

Work: Be a counselor at eCamp Israel. Educate Jewish kids from around the world, spread your passion for Hi-Tech, be a role model, and have fun while doing so! Don't forget, you will get paid for your time.

Volunteer: Embark on a personal social justice mission and volunteer at educational settings offered throughout Israel. Contribute your time and expertise to children in under-privileged communities. For the extremely motivated, you have the ability to design your own program! Change these kids' life and bring them one step closer in making their dreams become a reality!

Travel: Familiarize yourself with Israel as we guide you through some of the most breath-taking sights and landmarks rich in history. Meet people from the all around the world and experience the true Israeli culture!

Learn: Hebrew! One of the oldest languages in the world - and is still used today. Discover and understand a piece of our past. Learn that you too can make a difference in our world today utilizing your strengths and abilities. Invest in yourself, you deserve it!

Experience: Live in Israel - in a community amongst Israelis, from your point of view!

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