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Yad B'Yad: Hand in Hand

"Yad B'Yad" (Hand-in-Hand) is a non-profit organization established in 1982 by Mrs Shelly Hoshen, who serves as its president.

The rationale behind the organization's activities is founded on the premise that every child born into this world has an inherent right to be loved and nurtured, to receive a suitable foundation to develop into productive adults with equal opportunities to integrate and realize their full potential in mainstream society.

"Yad B'Yad" therefore extends a helping hand to children at risk throughout Israel. Since Israel's inception in 1948, enormous effort has been invested in educating and nurturing the young generation. However, many children have been left behind in deprived neighborhoods, victims of poverty, neglect and a hostile environment. Many of these children are still ostensibly under the supervision of their parents, who sorely lack the skills and means to cope with their children's problems. Many of these children come from immigrant, single-parent families, living in particularly dire economic circumstances and dependent on national welfare authorities for financial assistance.

The waves of immigration in recent years, however welcome, have increased the burden on and diminished national resources available for assisting distressed populations, especially in meeting the needs of children.

Coping difficulties experienced by parents when faced with the challenges of integration into a new society have resulted in a marked increase in family violence, where children are particularly vulnerable and helpless.

Regardless of the reason, or the entire gamut of reasons, for this situation, the facts speak for themselves. Many of these children are at a particular disadvantage when they find themselves falling through bureaucratic cracks. State-funded enrichment programs consist of a limited number of hours during school and are insufficient to obtain the required results. No further options are offered to these children at risk in order to develop and nurture their skills and talents.

Yad B'Yad, a voluntary non-profit association, has taken up the challenge of offering solutions for these educational and very human needs.

For more information: http://www.yadbeyad.org.il/english/

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