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Friends of Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

The Society of Friends of the Botanical Gardens was founded in 1977. Its establishment constituted a breakthrough with regard to the involvement of the community and various institutions in the development of the University Botanical Garden. The first project of the Society was the organization of an agricultural produce fair, where schools of the agricultural settlements displayed their products.
The fair and the sale of the products paved the road for acquaintance of the public with the Garden and the joining of additional bodies to the supporting institutions.
The Society is a non-profit organization and has set as its goal to acquire the support of plant-lovers in Israel and abroad for the Botanical Garden in the form of contributions and activities and to further the establishment of an educational center for the advancement of knowledge on botany and gardening. The Society succeeded in winning support and donations from friends of the gardens in England, South Africa and the United States.

A volunteer movement was founded in Jerusalem and elsewhere. Its members come from all parts of the population - young and elderly people, school students and pensioners - and they assist in the plant nursery, the care for the display sections, the guiding of visitors and the arrangement of events. The Society of Friends of the Botanical Gardens is also involved in some other activities, such as the arrangement of art exhibitions in the Garden. The proceeds from the events initiated and organized by the Society are dedicated to the development of the Botanical Garden.

Members of the Society of Friends of the Botanical Gardens enjoy free entrance to the Garden (including parking), possibilities of volunteering, receiving a periodical news letter, participation in events, discounts on excursion and activity fees and a 10% discount in the restaurant.

The Society seeks volunteers for the following fields of activity: gardening work, guiding of visitors, recruiting new members and raising money, work in the office of the Society, assistance in the arrangement of events and sales assistance.
The Society offers the public the possibility to give a special and significant gift by dedicating a tree, a rest area, a shade area or a drinking corner in the Garden to a loved one. All contributions will be gratefully accepted.

For additional information, please contact the Society of Friends of the Botanical Gardens, tel. 02-6480049.
E-Mail : friends@botanic.co.il

For the Society webiste: http://www.botanic.co.il/

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