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The Hotline was established in 1982 by Mrs. Shelly Hoshen, president of "Yad B'Yad. The project consists of a group of volunteers who provide assistance to callers in distress. There are hundreds of volunteers who have been listening to callers and providing solutions to their problems for many years.

Hotline telephones are staffed by a team of educators, social workers and psychologists who undergo professional courses and training workshops in the art of listening and providing assistance. The project is authorized by the Ministry of Education.

The Hotline is unique in that its volunteers learn certain skills that they use to provide callers with a sense of safety and relief as well as with relevant information about therapists and treatments for their various problems. The Hotline deals with around 20,000 calls for help annually.

Calls are received from a wide range of age-groups and reflect many types of problems, including all aspects of violence - in the family, between teenagers, at school, in the army and on the streets, incest, family problems, romantic relations, adolescence, loneliness, illness, harassment, suicidal tendencies and fear thereof, religious issues (turning religious or secular), all types of addiction, queries from soldiers and their parents, mental disorders and coping under excessive pressures.

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