Volunteering in Israel

Kibbutz Gvulot Leadership Program

Program Goals and Objectives
The program is based on community work, to encourage the community awareness, analyzing community necessities, strength and weakness, promoting the community commitment and giving practical tools to face the challenges of leadership.

What is Included?
Lodging, full board, educational program, Hebrew, excursions, community service & voluntaries social work, community studies (process of chance, community diversification),personalskills empowering (management, group conduction, social initiatives developing), Jewish heritage studies.

First Period: Hebrew studies (Ulpan), acknowledging the Eshkol regional council and the communities in teh area, preparation to the community work and service, exploring the Negev region.

Second Period: Hebrew studies, implementing the community activities, meetings with Israelis, exploring Israel

Third Period: Implementing the community activities and developing new initiatives, preparation of programs for the specificcommunities the participants come from, personal counseling.

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