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Municipality of Tel-Aviv-Yafo

The "Volunteer Unit" of Tel-Aviv-Yafo Municipality offers opportunities to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of Tel-Aviv-Yafo residents

The "Volunteer Unit" of Tel-Aviv-Yafo Municipality offers opportunities to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of Tel-Aviv-Yafo residents


The last five years have witnessed a significant change in how the pooling of volunteer and community work is perceived, presently all under one roof which we call "community resources".

There are programs underway for developing leadership at special "schools" for activists in several neighborhoods and areas located throughout the city. In addition, we have also implemented a large-scale program involving work with various groups.
We have decentralized the efforts to recruit volunteers and transferred them from our headquarters to the different offices in the field. In this manner we have managed to increase the scope of volunteer recruitment in the city's neighborhoods. Furthermore, we have also established a center that offers household furniture, accessories, clothing and assistance to needy residents from all over the city, as well as other community projects.
The professional philosophy prevailing at the Social Services Administration is manifest in the ongoing dialog with the residents and their representatives


The volunteer Unit is a professioanl unit that is part of the Welfare, Health and Hman Services Admiistration of the Minicipality for a variety of volunteer programs. Close to 5,00 volunteers take part in either short or long-term projects associated with the munipality, many of whoom are young adults aged 18-40.

The volunteer Unit works with high school students, youth movements, university students, young professionals and other individuals who work in the private sector, as wll as many not-for-profit organizations.

Our aim is to further assist Tel Aviv-Yafo residents who are clients of the Welfare, Health and Human Services Administration.

Volunteer assignements are carrried out through direct contact with populations in need, as well as indirect contact.

Our direct contat interventions encompassess children with disabilities, children an youth at risk, the elderly, single parent families, drug addicts, the homelesless etc.

Indirect volunteering can be done in the form of telephone calls to senior citizens-"hot Lines"-distribution of food packages and supervision of other volunteers.

The Volunteer Unit conducts training courses tailored to our volunteers needs, preparing them to better perform their repective tasks.

We also provide long and short-term supervision, based ont he nature of the particular volunteer assignment.


  • Volunteering as big brothers and sisters
  • Volunteering with children at risk
  • Volunteering with alienated youth
  • Volunteering in soup kitchens
  • Visiting homebound and infirm residents
  • Volunteering with the vision impaired
  • Packaging and distributing food parcles to the needy


  • An opportunity to improve the well being and quality of life of Tel Aviv-Yafo residents
  • Fascinating challenges and great personal satisfaction
  • An ooportunity to be part of a citywide effort
  • Free personal injury insurance
  • A municipal volunteer membership card and public transportation passes
  • An opportunity to paticipate in special municipal envents and ceremonies
  • Traning courses and seminars on voluntarism

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