Volunteering in Israel

Bekol: For Hard of Hearing and Deaf People

Bekol is the only organization of hard of hearing and deafened adults in Israel. Bekol's declared mission is to advocate and act for the improvement of the welfare and well-being of all of the country’s 600,000 hard of hearing people. The organization is directed by a national board of directors, consisting of five hard of hearing and deafened persons, all experienced and working in areas relevant to their membership and functioning on the board. Half of the six member professional staff are hard of hearing. The Board and staff are backed by many tens of hard working volunteers.

The Assoiciation of the Deaf runs support lines throughout Northen Israel for distributing beepers. A list of locations and services hours is available from the Association of the Deaf, Tel Aviv, telephone: 03-7396419 or at the Bekol website at www.bekol.org

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