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Each of us needs someone who can walk or run  with us on our journey in life- or, in our life dance. We need support, understanding & guidance to help us face the challenges of this world.

ELEM, the nonprofit organization that helps youngsters in need, sponsors a very special day center called Someone to Run With. This center, located near the Carmel shuk (market) in Tel Aviv, is a haven for homeless and mostly addicted young men and women between the ages of 18-25. Many but not all of the clients who come to the center are immigrants from other countries. We embrace every client who walks through our doors & we accompany him during the next steps of his/her journey. Often, these steps lead to recovery from addiction. But where ever he/she is, we are THERE for him/her.

Someone to Run With offers hot drinks, delicious meals (donated by the David Intercontinental Hotel), clothing, shower & laundry facilities, medical help, social workers & professionals trained in the area of substance abuse rehabilitation. Beyond the visible resources of someone to run with, this center offers warm, unconditional love & respect to any and all who enter its doors. A loving family spirit pervades every aspect of its existence. Staff & clients as well exchanges hugs when arriving or departing from the center.

Currently the center is open 4 days a week. Three days serve the needs of men & women; one day is a women only day. The center is open during day hours, afternoon and evening hours, as well. Our plan is to find the resources to open an additional day for men and women.

But, perhaps most importantly, Someone to Run With, relies on the dedicated, ongoing & special efforts of volunteers- people who understand that to be alive means to help others to be alive means to give to those in need to be alive means that we enhance our own souls by addressing the needs of others.

Someone to  Run With is in need of VOLUNTEERS. Our volunteers tell us, over & over again, that they RECEIVE much more than they give! They bring their full hearts & receive nourishment for their own souls, in return.   Volunteers must be between the ages of 26-38.

Search your heart & soul! We invite you to become part of the someone to run with family!

Reena Keren, Coordinator of Volunteers




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