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Israel Free Loan Association (IFLA)

The Israel Free Loan Association (IFLA) has provided interest free loans since 1990 to tens of thousands of immigrants and other needy Israelis to help them over a serious financial crisis. We are a non-profit organization, operated primarily by volunteers, providing loans for medical, education, housing, and other economic emergencies, including help to small businesses, victims of terror, the working poor and to maintain family economic security.

IFLA loans have created and preserved many jobs, prevented unemployment and saved thousands of people from going on welfare or eating in soup kitchens. We do not take any interest on loans and repayments are for the exact same amount borrowed. Monthly repayments are recycled and reissued to new borrowers

The IFLA is supported by private donors, foundations and legacies from good hearted people in Israel and around the world. Administrative expenses are exceptionally low.

The Israel Free Loan Association is a highly regarded national association and has received the prestigious President of Israel Award for Outstanding Volunteer Organization, the Mayor of Jerusalem Citation for Outstanding Nonprofit Activity, the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption Award for Assistance to Immigrants, and the Sederot Conference Award for Contribution to Israeli Society.

The IFLA provides a hand up, not a hand down, to help people help themselves out of a temporarily difficult economic situation. Our staff treats all borrowers with dignity and respect. We welcome both borrowers and donors, and our organization brings these two together in a unique partnership that is in the best tradition of Judaism and modern philanthropy. This is not charity, but constructive self-help that our sage Maimonides praised above all other forms of help.

Donations to the IFLA are tax deductible in Israel, the USA, Canada, and the U. K.   Open a named interest free loan Fund at the IFLA.

THE ISRAEL FREE LOAN ASSOCIATION, 29 Rivka Street, Jerusalem 93461, telephone 972-2- 530-0777, fax 972-2-566-9504.

Website http://www.freeloan.org.il  , email ifla@freeloan.org.il

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