Volunteering in Israel

LATET: Fight Poverty

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LATET Health Program
Lone Soldier Adoption

An educational advocacy project conducted in schools, youth movements and military units, during which the instructor conducts lesson plans on poverty in Israel, giving, volunteering and collective responsibility.

Volunteer Job Description:
Each volunteer must undergo a three hour training session as a precondition for taking part in the project.


A.     Background in educational activities.

B.     Commitment to at least one activity per month.

C.     Hours of activity – Usually in the morning, Friday a possibility.


A.     Coordinating activities with the schools and volunteering instructors.

B.     During the activity – Presence in school to monitor and control the ongoing implementation of the project and providing immediate solutions to problems arising in the field.


A.     Responsible for addressing the target markets for marketing the project.

B.     Responsible for the activities before the managers and social coordinators.

C.     Requires a high level of verbal skills and representative capabilities.  Activity takes place in the morning.

For more information, contact Ronen, National Volunteer Coordinator at ronen@latet.org.il

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