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Food for Life

In light of the plight of poverty and the problem of food scarcity in Israel, Latet has initiated the Food For Life project, which offers assistance to food distribution organizations in Israel by increasing the quantity, quality, continuity and coverage of distributing food to the needy and in increasing public awareness in Israel to the distress and phenomenon of poverty. The program is conducted through food collection drives held for the needy on an ongoing basis and through donations from food manufacturing companies in Israel.The collected products are transferred to the Latet logistical centers nationwide, where they are sorted, packed and distributed, by over 110 local organizations (non-profit organizations, soup kitchens and social services departments), to thousands of families in approximately 80 settlements in Israel.

Beyond the humanitarian aspect, the aim of the program is to motivate volunteers into action, to increase social awareness and utilize the activity as leverage for influencing the decision makers toward solving the problem of poverty.

Latet operates five projects every year:

1.Latet for Babies Collecting baby food products.

2.Latet for Purim

3.Latet for Passover

4.Latet for Students Collecting school equipment and textbooks.

5. Latet (to Give) with Love - Rosh Hashana

Volunteer Job Descriptions:

Supermarket Operator

A.Collecting food in the branch, in coordination with the branch coordinator.

B.Committing to volunteer shifts during the days of the project at hours defined by the branch coordinator.

C.Reporting to the branch coordinator on problems in the field and equipment shortage.

Branch Coordinator (Responsible for branch operation mobilizing volunteers and supervising food collection efforts)

A.Recruiting and placing volunteers in food collection shifts at the branch.

B.Debriefing volunteers before activities.

C.During the drive Patrolling the field, solving problems and monitoring performance.

D.After the drive Providing performance feedback, sending letters of gratitude and fulfilling other commitments toward other operatives.

City Coordinators Responsible for joint ventures performed in a certain city and routing new volunteers to branch coordinators.

A.Maintaining current cooperative ventures with the Organization in the city (i.e. schools, youth movements).

B.During the drives Ongoing patrols in the field, help in mobilizing volunteers, transporting equipment and ongoing reports to the regional coordinator.

Regional Coordinator Responsible for branch managers distributed by region (north, Haifa, Jerusalem, Sharon, Tel Aviv, Ayalon, Shfela and South).

A.Recruiting and advising regional coordinators in the various areas of activity.

B.Monitoring and overseeing implementation while providing an immediate solution for dynamically arising problems.

C.During the drives Ongoing patrols in the field, help in mobilizing volunteers, transporting equipment and ongoing reports to the food drive operations center.

D.After the drives Providing performance feedback, handling letters of gratitude and fulfilling other commitments toward the volunteers and branch coordinators.

Latet Operations Center in Tel Aviv

A.Receiving ongoing reports from the field.

B.Support in solving problems with the relevant elements in the Organization.

For more information, see www.latet.org.il

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