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This project was established with the aim of helping the weaker populations in Israel, which suffer from restricted financial and/or physical access to medication (mainly chronically ill patients and the elderly population), to finance the deductibles for purchasing the medications included in the health basket.  The project also provides assistance to people with limited mobility and access to pharmacies.  In addition, “Latet Health” also provides information on available rights within the health system and the possibilities for support.  The public is also involved in the project and a program is being formulated toward referring comprehensive government attention to the existing problems.

Project Volunteer Responsibilities:

A.      Each volunteer maintains ongoing contacts with 2-4 needy individuals, who are visited once a month in order to monitor their situation, provide them with the coupon for purchasing the medication and informing them of their rights and eligibilities.  If necessary, the volunteer will help them reach the pharmacy or purchase the medication.

B.   Commitment to at least six months of voluntary activity.

C.   Required participation in a training session comprised of two workshops on old age in Israel:

1.         Old age as a physical and mental process.

2.         A hands-on workshop relating to the Latet activities, limits of volunteer work and volunteer rights and obligations.

D.    Participation in volunteer seminars conducted every two months.

E.    Mobility is essential.

Volunteering Regions

At this stage, Lod, and additional cities upon completing the pilot.

Additional Volunteering Venues:

Cell Coordinator

Every ten needy individuals and volunteers are defined as an activity cell.

Roles of the cell coordinator:

A.     Weekly telephone calls to the elderly and volunteers in order to provide assistance, monitor activities and convey information.

B.     Writing a journal on the situation of each needy individual served by the activity cell.

C.     Assisting the city coordinator in managing the activity.

City Coordinator

The city coordinator is responsible for all activities taking place in a single city.

City coordinator roles:

A.     Ongoing contacts with cell coordinators and volunteers.

B.     Monitoring and supervising project progress while providing an immediate response to problems that arise.

C.     Weekly contacts with city pharmacies and clinics.

D.    Responsible for the implementation of ongoing activities.

The city coordinator must be willing to put in many hours of volunteer work.

For more information, www.latet.org.il

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