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SFK: Spirituality for Kids

One of SFK's projects is creating Peace in the Middle East by teaching children to reframe their view of others in the world.

SFK is creating Peace in the Middle East by teaching children that we are all connected and that diplomacy is a result of getting to know each other and understanding our differences.

In areas like the Middle East, children are raised with limiting beliefs that cause hatred and separation between people of different cultures and religions. These limiting belief systems perpetuate the crisis of violence and division that affect innocent children.

But, these beliefs are not truths. They are only limitations in our minds that prevent us from truly connecting with others in positive and meaningful ways.

SFK children throughout the war-torn areas of the Middle East are brought together for programs, events and a summer camp experience to learn to reframe their view of others in the world, helping children to experience other children whom they have been raised to hate.

SFKs Kids Creating Peace offers spiritual programs to all children, including Muslim, Jews, Christians and Druze from the most challenged and critical areas.

SFK also teaches this powerful curriculum to parents, educators and other adults of all backgrounds.

SFK is an international organization whoes goal is to stop the suffering and chaos in the lives of children around the world by giving them tools that help children transform the belief systems that limit their ability to realize their true potential and change their destiny.

 For more information: http://www.spiritualityforkids.org/

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