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The Jewish Coalition for Service

Jewish volunteer service matters. A recent study of American Jews found that making the world a better place ranked highest as the most personally meaningful activity.

Jewish term of service programs connect with this sense of meaning in a deep way. They offer intensive, immersion experiences in which volunteers serve full-time from a week to a year. Jewish term of service programs are open to people aged 15 through post-retirement. Participants work and study together, building community and making a difference, helping others and transforming themselves, becoming more engaged citizens and expanding their understanding of what it means to be Jewish.

Mission and Goals

The Jewish Coalition for Service was recently listed in Slingshot as one of 50 most innovative Jewish organizations. The mission of the Jewish Coalition for Service is to inspire everyone in the Jewish community to dedicate a part of their lives to full-time, hands-on volunteer service.

The Coalition accomplishes this goal by:

1) Helping members of the Jewish community find full-time volunteer programs and by helping programs find high quality volunteers,

2) Developing a national movement of the alumni of Jewish service programs and mobilizing their capacity to expand the field,

3) Acting as a resource for Jewish professionals and lay leaders to foster growing interest in Jewish service, and

4) Providing a collective framework in which programs can address shared challenges of organizational and resource development.


The more than 50 programs that are affiliated with the Coalition address pressing needs of communities and individuals, among both Jews and non-Jews. They deliver thousands of hours of direct volunteer service. Perhaps most important they convey the Jewish communitys spiritual solidarity and concern with people in crisis all over the world.

Affiliated Programs

The American Jewish Committee


AJC Fellows Program in International and Domestic Affairs

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Inc.

www.jdc.org- click on how you can help

JDC Jewish Service Corps

Ralph I. Goldman Fellowship

Roslyn Z. Wolf Cleveland-JDC International Fellows Program

American Jewish Society for Service

American Jewish World Service

Alternative Breaks (with Weinberg Tzedek Hillel)


American Jewish World Service Volunteer Summer

Jewish Volunteer Corps

World Partners Fellowship

AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps




Nitzotz (with spark: Partnership for Service)

The Bina Center


Tikun Olam in Tel Aviv

Brit Olam


Apples and Honey

Camp Isabella Friedman


ADAMAH: The Jewish Environmental Leadership Fellowship

Camp Tawonga


Teen Service Learning Trip to Israel

The Dorot Foundation


The Dorot Fellowship in Israel

The Jewish Agency for Israel

Kibbutz Ulpan - Community Sharing Means Caring

OTZMA - United Jewish Communities & The Jewish Agency for Israel

Project 1000 Volunteers

Stagerim Professional Internship Program

WUJS ARAD INSTITUTE - International Graduate Center for Hebrew and Jewish Studies

Magen David Adom Volunteer Program - YOCHAI PORAT

Jewish National Fund


Northern Renewal Campaign Alternative Break


Jewish Organizing Initiative


The Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute (JYPI)


Service Learning Camp

Kibbutz Lotan


Green Apprenticeship

Livnot U'Lehibanot



Community Service Leadership Fellows

Community Service Spring Break

Alternative Spring Break Trips to Israel

Hike and Explore

Jewish Educators

Livnot Journey

Galilee Fellowship

Galilee Fellowship Kiryat Shmona Program

Nechama: Jewish Response to Disaster

www.nechama.orgHYPERLINK "http://www.jewishservice.org/redirect.html?link=http://www.nechama.org"

92nd Street Y


The Tiyul

The Nesiya Institute


PANIM: The Institute for Jewish Leadership and Values


Jewish Civics Initiative

Panim El Panim

Panim Fellowships

Summer JAM (Judaism, Activism, and Mitzvah work)

spark: partnership for service


Nitzotz (with BBYO)

Temple B'nai Abraham


Tikkun Olam Family Work Trip to Maine

Union for Reform Judaism



Eisendrath Legislative Assistant Fellowship

Machon Kaplan Summer College Internship Program

Tzevet Mitzvot: Adult Mitzvah Corps

NFTY Mitzvah Corp

Adult Mitzvah Corps in Israel

United Jewish Communities



Otzma (with The Jewish Agency for Israel)

Washington DC Jewish Community Center


Camp Yad B'Yad

Weinberg Tzedek Hillel


Alternative Breaks (with American Jewish World Service)

Local Hillel Alternative Breaks

Weinberg Tzedek Hillel Fellowship

Student Leadership Tzedek (Social Justice) Mission to Israel



Ramp it Up!

Young Judaea

www.youngjudaea.org- click on Israel

Shalem Shnat Limud Umaaseh

Year Course in Israel

WUJS ARAD INSTITUTE - International Graduate Center for Hebrew and Jewish Studies

Local Service Initiatives

Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston


Related Organizations

birthright Israel


Jewish Community Centers Association


Weinberg Tzedek Hillel



In 2001 fourteen term of service programs formed the Jewish Coalition for Service to support one another and to begin to build a national movement. Using seed grants from UJA-Federation of NY and Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, they launched the www.jewishservice.org. With the help of The Trust for Jewish Philanthropy, additional funds were raised from two generous anonymous funders, from the Nathan Cummings Foundation, and from other donors to enable the Coalition to become a professionally staffed organization. In February 2003 the Coalition incorporated and opened its office.


President - Arthur Shapiro

Secretary/Treasurer - Rabbi Leon Morris

Photo Credits

Thanks to the following programs and individuals for providing the pictures for our website--AJWS, OTZMA, Summer Jam, The Tiyul, Tzedek Hillel, Emily Weinstein, Melanie Greenspan, Robin Wehl, Noah Farkas, and Miriam Feinberg.

Contact Information:

The Jewish Coalition for Service

475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1367

New York, NY 10115

Phone: 212-870-2450

Fax: 212-870-2455

General Email Address: info@jewishservice.org

Executive Director - Simha Rosenberg,

simha@jewishservice.orgHYPERLINK "http://www.jewishservice.org/redirect.html?link=mailto:whitney@jewishservice.org"

Program Manager - Melanie Hildebrandt, melanie@jewishservice.org

Program Associate - Navit Robkin,

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