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METUNA: The Organization for Road Safety

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METUNA lobbies to save lives and prevent serious injury on the road.
METUNA’s activities are varied and ongoing.
METUNA creates projects for road safety which have been successfully evaluated.
METUNA co-operates with the establishment and experts in the field in order to advance the projects.
METUNA is a resource centre for students up to and including doctoral theses and educators.
METUNA supplies the media and general public with material and constructive suggestions on the issues of road safety for pedestrians,drivers and passengers.
METUNA initiates and runs courses all over the country to teach citizens how to correctly report traffic violations.

For more information contact Zelda at Chaim B'Derech Metuna, metuna@netvision.net.il


Phone: 09 884 4667

Fax: 09 884 8320

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