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Nemashim: Arab-Jewish Theater Community

The "Nemashim" Project brings together Israeli Jewish and Arab students who have graduated from high school and use theatre as a means to develop dialogue, mutual respect and understanding. We are living together in the middle of a terrible, destructive conflict and  we feel that a way out is by developing peaceful resistance to violence, realising the ideals of equality and co-existence in a mixed group and by using theatre to advance these ideals.

The group is made of 6 Israelis of Jewish and Arab origin who live together in a form of a commune, within Haifa, a town of a mixed population. Together we prepare and create theatre programs that focus on promoting peace and understanding, under the guidance of Uri Shani and Shadi Fachr Al-Din, who have extensive experience in work of theatre and Jewish-Arab dialogue and meetings.

We started the course of the Jewish-Palestinian Stage Tutorial Year in August 2005. We seek funding for this project and would be very grateful for your support. We therefore ask you to consider making this project a reality and thank you in advance of your support.

Our website: http://www.mideastweb.org/nemashim/english.htm

Please contact:

Uri SHANI                                                   

Shkedim 57                                   

IL-36501 Kiryat Tiv’on                        

++972 (0)77 5401178 

++972 (0)52 3317154                              



Shadi Fachr Al-Din

++972  (0)54  7561777



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