Volunteering in Israel

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Israel

Name of organization: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel

Address of organization:  84 Golomb st, Jerusalem 96903 
 Telephone number: 02-561-2131  
E-mail: info@bigbrothers.org.il  

Executive Director: Libby Reichman, MSW

Amuta number: 58-041-139-5


The Model

How the Big Brothers model works: Big Brothers recruits and supports adult volunteers who commit to long-term mentoring relationships, meeting weekly with children from isolated single-parent homes. Support for the volunteers includes careful, individualized matching of pairs, group and individual supervision, ongoing recreational activities, and remuneration of expenses. Currently, 120 pairs meet weekly, some for over three years.

Organizational mission: To continually recruit and train new volunteer mentors so that lonely children from single-parent families that turn to us will be assured of a Big Brother or Sister within a reasonable amount of time, and to provide the necessary support to ensure that these long-term relationships reach their full potential as per the successful Big Brothers Big Sisters model worldwide. 

Who are We?
Our faces and voices

I feel very free with Anna, I can talk with her about anything and I get great advice. She is a very important person in my life and I look forward to our meetings, I love the way she thinks and the way she looks at life. When I finish my army service, I want to become a Big Sister.                                                                  
                                                                                           Chava (Little Sister)

Talis Big Sister gives her things that I cannot simply by being an additional, constant predictable, reliable, committed person in her life.  She provides an additional frame of reference, a different perspective, another significant relationship, an extra dose of fun, laughter, caring and love and what child doesnt need that?  It may not be a whole village, but its a lot more than I alone can provide.           
                                                                                 Mother of Tali (Little Sister)

I see the opportunity that was given to me to influence the life of one kid over a long period of time, to establish a deep and personal connection with him, to play with him, to laugh with him, and to learn from one another, as a great privilege. Today, after 2 years of being with Shimon, I am awed by the light and color that have been added to my life by a very cute kid who I am proud to call my Little Brother. 
                                                                                                Yoed (Big Brother)

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