Volunteering in Israel

Maon San Simon Home for Disabled People


Volunteers are needed to assist the residents with their daily needs by providing morale support and physical care. Volunteers will assist the residents with many activities, including getting out of bed, showering, using the toilet, dressing/undressing, and serving food. Volunteers may also be asked to accompany residents to the supermarket, clinic, hospital, park, supermarket, etc. Occasionally, volunteers may go with residents on shopping trips, out for coffee, to a movie, to visit their family, or to take a mini-vacation.


There are currently 20 residents residing in Maon, ranging from 30-60 years old. The majority of the residents are confined to wheelchairs and need help with daily life activities. The residents all have physical disabilities, and some have limited mental development as well.

Work Hours

There are four volunteer shifts available: 06:00-14:00, 07:00-15:00, 12:0-20:00, and 14:00-22:00. Shifts will be assigned based on where volunteers are needed the most. Volunteers are required to work 8 hours a day for 5 days a week. Volunteers also get two 15-minute breaks, 30 minutes for lunch, and 30 minutes for dinner during their shift.


The home is located in southwest Jerusalem in the middle of the Gonen neighborhood, nestled beside a beautiful park. The center is only minutes away from a shopping center, bank, and pharmacy.


Male volunteers will stay in a large dorm room at the end of one of the wards.

Female volunteers live in a private apartment, which is attached to the main residence. The living room and kitchen in the apartment are for the use of both male and female volunteers.


All meals are provided by Maon. Lunch and dinner are served daily in the dining room, while food is supplied to the volunteers to make their own breakfast.

Basic Necessities

Maon will provide volunteers with basic living necessities, such as sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, coffee, tea, sugar, milk, cleaning supplies, laundry (and laundry soap). Maon will also provide their volunteers with free internet usage, free Hebrew lessons, and free services from the nurses and doctors on site.

For every 3-month period, a volunteer receives one week vacation.


In case of an emergency at the residence, a volunteer may be asked to accompany a resident to the hospital outside of his/her shift.


Volunteers are entitled to attend meetings every Sunday with the social worker and volunteer coordinator from Maor, Ms. Ofra Gur-Ary. These meetings are very beneficial because they give volunteers the opportunity to discuss the various difficulties that will arise during your work. These meetings will also focus on the disabilities and diseases of the residents, their psychological and behavioral problems, and reasons for some of their reactions to you and ways for you to react back to them.


  • Healthy persons, without heart or back problems or contagious diseases
  • Fluent in either/both English or Hebrew
  • Age Range: 18-65
  • Open to world-wide participants


Pocket money will be given to volunteers on the first of every month by the Maon Sans Simon treasurer. The amount of money given to each volunteer will be paid according to the decisions of the volunteer unit at Labor and Social Affairs.

Additional Information

-         Participants are responsible for getting to work independently

-         Participants will work independently at the centre

Application Process

  • An application may be received by emailing Ms. Ofra Gur-Ary
  • In addition to the written application, the centre will also require
  1. Letters of reference
  2. Physical exam/health records
  3. Resume
  • Participants must bring their own medical insurance with them to Israel




Ma`on San Simon Home for Disabled People

Gonen, P.O.B 8447 Jerusalem 91073, Israel

E-MAIL: ofra_gur@hotmail.com





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EMPLOYMENT & EXPERIENCE (including Volunteer Activity)

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DESIRED PERIOD ___/_______/____ _____/_____/______

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I hereby declare that all the information given above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and I agree to volunteer for the service out line on the basis of the information given to me.







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