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LIFE: Leadership and International Fellowship Experience

Instead of having to choose between your Jewish self and your universal self, here is a chance to be your one, true self in a program called LIFE.

A nine month long, Israel based service-learning program for University graduates with a four-month stay in India, LIFE will enable you to:

  • Live with, help and learn from people in India and Israel through two service-learning internships
  • Develop your capacity to understand and lead social change
  • Grow Jewishly and develop your relationship with Israel and Israelis through learning, touring, and connecting with top social activists, intellectuals and leaders

LIFE begins with a seven-week group-building, training and learning period in Israel with renowned international experts. Participants then fly to India for an intensive 4-month posting doing development work with a world-class NGO in a big city and in an out of the way, tourist-less rural area. The program concludes with a 4-month period in Israel interning with select Israeli NGOs furthering social change and being immersed in Jewish learning, Israeli culture and social justice, public policy and civil society-government issues. While including hands-on contact with real people, the LIFE internships are not the usual, direct-service volunteering. They offer a rich involvement in program development and delivery. LIFE is a Service-Learning program that weaves into and alongside the internships multiple learning opportunities: workshops, academic-level lectures, meetings with members of Knesset and other public figures, field studies, independent research and more.

Stage 1: October 2008 to November 2008: Israel
Stage 2: December 2008 to March 2009: India
Stage 3: April 2009 to July 2009: Israel

The exceptional individuals who become participants in LIFE will not only have gained a unique personal and professional development opportunity. In additional their new-found understanding and abilities, they will be poised to play a major role in their communities in bringing International Development, Jewish Social Justice and Israel-Diaspora partnership to the next level. They will change the Jewish community and Israel in terms of the agenda, self-perception and way of living. That is the leadership role LIFE seeks to inspire and enable.

The initial period in Israel: Learning about and training for the overseas mission.

The periods overseas and back in Israel: During these two periods, participants will live together in apartments and volunteer with local non-profit organizations. They will address needs in health, education and poverty amongst needy groups such as women, children and the economically disadvantaged. LIFE also includes ongoing workshops around the core themes of social change and international development, leadership development and an engagement with Judaism and Israel. The program includes hikes and learning field trips, closed retreats for peer support, academic-level learning and meetings with policy-makers, activists, Members of Knesset and directors of leading non-profit organizations.

Who is behind this groundbreaking initiative? Two Israeli organizations have partnered to establish this exceptional initiative:

  • Brit Olam - one of Israels largest humanitarian volunteer organizations.
  • BTzedek - leadership development experts with youth and young adults.

Our leadership team has decades of experience training young adults, supporting volunteers and implementing programs in developing nations. Working with our staff is LIFEs international-standard Advisory Board. Our programmatic partners include:

  • The Israel Experience 
  • The International Leadership Institute, Beit Berl
  • The Machon LMadrichei Chutz LAretz (Institute for Leadership Development of JAFI)
  • Kibbutz Lotan

If LIFE could be right for your life, get complete details at www.btzedek.org.il. Consider applying soon, as places are limited.

Contact Information

Yonatan Glaser


Website: http://www.btzedek.org.il/html-eng/  

Fax: (+972) 153-26749011

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