Volunteering in Israel

Tikun Olam

This program offers Jewish English-speaking College graduates from around the world the opportunity to spend five to ten months engaged in volunteer service in Tel Aviv with a community of Israeli activist.

Terms: There are two options available in the Program:
Full Year (10 months) September - June OR
One semester (5.5 months)
            Fall Semester: September - February
            Spring Semester: Mid January - June)

Kibbutz Ulpan: Our program begins with one month in Kibbutz Gal-on in the North of the Negev (near the city of Kiryat Gat). Living accommodations include full board. Participants will learn spoken Hebrew intensively with professional teachers from Hebrew University, volunteer in the Kibbutz, get to know the group and enjoy the tranquil life style of the Kibbutz .  The Ulpan teaches at different levels.

Life in Tel Aviv
Your life in Tel Aviv will be composed of variety of components:

Community Service:  The Main part of the program is working in different kinds of Volunteering places and programs with Israeli peers. The volunteer work will take place mostly in south Tel-Aviv and Jaffa, but in certain cases there will be volunteering possibilities outside of Tel-Aviv. Bina has long term experience working with different populations such as: new immigrants, foreign workers, refugees, Arab-Jewish coexistence groups in Jaffa and more.

Each participant chooses his / her volunteering according to their wishes and we also try to accommodate the volunteering places to your talents and profession.

You may choose 2-3 different places so your week can be as diverse as possible.

Study Day :
Bina is an important center for Jewish studies and Israeli culture in South Tel Aviv.   Every week you will have one day of studying.  The studying will focus on Jewish thought, Israeli society, social justice Issues and other.
Some of the sessions will be with the Israeli students.

Trips and cultural events:
Getting To Know Israel: During your time in Tel Aviv we will have two day long trips outside of Tel Aviv and many day trips.  This is one way participants will get to see and experience different parts of Israel

The Bina Community:
The Bina center for Jewish identity and Hebrew culture has been active in Tel Aviv for more then 10 years. Bina incorporates Jewish studies and social justice work, following our Sages and Prophets who believed in: Torah, Avodah ,and Gmilut Hasadim (acts of love and kindness). Our two main projects are Bina in the neighborhood: more then 70 young adults who volunteer in more then 15 projects in southern Tel Aviv, and the Secular Yeshiva where more then 150 people come to explore their Jewish Identity.

Sample Week of Community Involvement Program 

Every month there will be two days long trips around the country.

Each person manages his or her own schedule of volunteering work. Some may volunteer every day in a different place and some focus on one or two places. We make every effort to help each participant to design his / her week according to your needs and wishes.

What Participants Do:

Hebrew: Twenty four  hours a week on Kibbutz. Two hours a week in Tel-Aviv

Study:  A day  a week in  the Secular Yeshiva In Tel-Aviv (Jewish identity, Israeli Society, guest speakers, and special seminars and workshops such as drama and Israeli cooking).

Volunteering:  You are expected to volunteer between 18-20 hours per week.

Field trips and tours: Field trips and tours: One tour once in every two weeks. An over night field trip once a month.

Other group activities: you are expected to participate once a week in a group dynamics session and in a volunteer supervision workshop.

Group Initiated Activities: There are aspects of your daily life that participants plan and conduct, such as Kabbalat Shabbat or sessions led by group members themselves.

Volunteer Projects in South Tel Aviv Neighborhoods:

1) All volunteer settings involve work with underprivileged populations.

2) Most of the volunteer opportunities are in the field of educational welfare (head start type programs).

3) Each Tikun Olam participant is required to volunteer twelve hours a week.

4) Most Tikun Olam participants build their volunteer schedule by combining several part time projects.

5) It is possible (but not guaranteed) for a Tikun Olam participant to find volunteer opportunities other than those listed below, or to create an original volunteer project.


Tuition fee for September 2008 - July 2009 is $9000 for a ten month program ( full year )  and 5500 $ for five and a half (one semester )

This includes:

- Four weeks full board orientation on KibbutzEducational program on Kibbutz;
- Educational program in Tel-Aviv;
- Accommodations in Tel-Aviv;
- Educational tours, over night tours & seminar;
- Health insurance; 

Fee does not include:
- Air fare to and from Israel;
- Food expenses in Tel-Aviv;
- Personal expenses.

For more information and to apply for the program, please refer to the Tikun Olam website

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