Volunteering in Israel

Volunteer Abroad in Construction/Community Development Projects

Welcome to A Broader View Volunteers!  We offer international volunteer projects for the globally-minded individual searching for a unique travel experience. A Broader View is a 501 non-profit international volunteer organization offering short and long term volunteer programs in developing countries around the World.  Our volunteer abroad projects are available year round in Central America, South America, Asia and Africa in 17 countries, 43 locations and 155 programs.

Volunteer abroad in Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya , Tanzania , Malawi and India to support women empowerment projects in the community, Volunteers needed for manual labor jobs working along side skilled and unskilled local workers. 

Some tasks include building a children’s playground, footbridge, painting, renovation work at the school and farming programs. Volunteer in the Ecuadorian Amazon at a school, orphanage or ecology projects.

For more information, please see the A Broader View website.

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