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Lehavot: Volunteer Firefighters for Israel

Join teams of Israeli firefighters in an exciting hands-on opportunity in fire stations throughout Israel. Lehavot gives you a chance to contribute to Israel, spend quality time with Israelis, build relationships and experience many different aspects of Israeli life and culture in a somewhat unconventional setting. The Jewish Agency for Israel and the Israeli Fire and Rescue Commission, have initiated this dynamic program for overseas volunteers to have a different kind of Israel experience. 
Program Outline:

The program begins with a three-day orientation seminar and training course in English at a youth hostel. Following the seminar, volunteers are stationed at local fire-fighting stations around Israel, where they work as volunteer firefighters, alongside Israeli volunteers and staff. They remain for the duration of their volunteer period (minimum one month, with the possibility of an extension) in their placement stations. The first few days at the local stations, participants will receive on-site training, where they will be introduced to the equipment and will be given details and instructions of their responsibilities.

An average work schedule includes 5 shifts a week, 8 hours per shift. Shift times are arranged according to the requests of the volunteers, in coordination with the needs of the stations. Night shifts are optional.

During the volunteer period, the entire group will be reunited for a one day hike (tour) around Israel.

Acceptance Criteria:

Participants must be between the ages of 18-30 and in good physical and mental health. Knowledge of Hebrew is preferred but not required.


The program fee is $270, which includes accommodation, a three-day orientation including a one-day hike, uniform, and health insurance for the duration of the program. Airfare is not included.


Housing and food are provided during the three-day opening seminar in Jerusalem. During the extended volunteer period, housing is provided in Jewish Agency Absorption Centers throughout Israel. These include basically furnished, shared rooms with kitchenettes. Meals and transportation are not provided during this period, and are the responsibility of the volunteers.


The day of an Israeli firefighter team is unpredictable: it can include car accidents, chemical spills, forest fires, cats stuck in trees, fires in private homes and national disasters. Each day will be different, and each volunteer will have his/her own unusual experience. You might have days filled with action and challenges, and others where you will get a chance to relax with your fellow firefighters.

Israeli firefighters and rescue teams are unfortunately not the known heroes of Israeli storybooks, yet daily they continue to quietly go about saving lives, while risking their own. This is your opportunity to join and support them, while having a chance to impact lives yourself!

Application Details:

Click here to download the full application and medical form, print and fill out. 

Click here to inform program representatives of your interest in the program (required).

After following step two you will be contacted by your local representative to set up an appointment.  Please bring the filled out application and medical form.

Interview with the Shaliach or Representative
The purpose of the interview is to give the applicant information about the program, to assure that his/her expectations are appropriate and that he/she understands the challenges of the program, and to rate his/her Hebrew.

After receiving the forms we will review them and decide whether the applicant is appropriate to the program.

After deciding to accept the applicant we then send a letter notifying him/her that they were accepted to the program with a copy to the refering shaliach. We will also send him/her the program rules and regulations, a course schedule, and information on the Absorption Center where they will be staying.

Payment is due on the first day of the program .


Israel Program Center.

Click here to access the Lehavot homepage on the Jewish Agency website.


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