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For young Jewish adults who want to become familiar with Israel, Marva is a unique opportunity to experience the physical and emotional challenges of the country, its problems and people.  Through hiking the land, living in field conditions, navigating deserts and hillsides and participating in seminars and lectures, you will learn hands on the issues of the country. Marva will help you strengthen your ties to Israel, whether you're a tourist or potential new immigrant. It is a group experience like no other.

Program Outline

This approximately eight week program is open to participants from all over the world.  The program is conducted in Hebrew (easy) allowing for significant improvement of Hebrew skills. Activities rang from camp craft, navigation and topography to hikes, lectures, seminars and walking tours, participation in training exercises, and living in field conditions. Emphasis is placed on Israel’s security situation and settlement of the land, through lectures on specific social and political problems. The program is based in the Southern Negev on a Gadna base, but participants will spend considerable time in various other parts of the country, including Jerusalem,  the Golan Heights, the Galilee and more.

Acceptance Criteria

Applicants should be Jewish tourists between the ages of 18-28.  A working knowledge of Hebrew is required (minimally, completion of ulpan level aleph). Marva is a physically and mentally demanding program.  Applicants are expected to be in excellent physical condition and must be highly motivated. It is necessary to undergo a personal interview prior to acceptance.

Program Cost

The cost of the program is $900, this includes full board and health insurance for the duration of the program. Airfare is not included.


Accommodations on the program will be in field conditions / army style tents throughout Israel.


Participants train alongside young Israelis, giving them an opportunity to meet and interact with Israelis their own age. Information is offered on study options, as well as other pertinent subjects on life in Israel.
Marva lasts for approximately 8 weeks. Four sessions are offered throughout the year, beginning in September, January, March and June.

Dates for Project Marva


March 30 - May 29
June 29 - August 21
Sept. 21 - Nov. 27

January 4 - February 26
March 29 - May 28
June 28 - August 20
Oct 11 - Dec 03

The cost of the program is $900, this includes full board and health insurance for the duration of the program.

To Apply to this Program Please Follow these Steps 
1. Click here to download the full application and medical form, print and fill out.  
2. Click here to inform program representatives of your interest in the program (required).
3. After following step two you will be contacted by your local representative to set up an appointment.
Please bring the filled out application and medical form.

For more information, click here


Israel Program Center.

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