Volunteering in Israel

Ruach Tova

Ruach Tova connects between volunteers and organizations that need volunteers.

Ruach Tova helps place people in many positions, including:
- Environment
- Secrity
- Fundraising
- Teaching/Coaching
- Transportation/Moving
- "Hasbara"-Disseminating Information
- Activities
- Lecture
- Volunteer work in your profession
- Emergency
- Personal Mentoring
- Student Tutorship/Mentoring
- Working with Olim
- Arts
- Consultation
- Animal Care
- Handling Food
- Assistance
- Cleaking
- Public Appeals/Complains
...And Much Much More!

The Process of Assigning a Volunteer

In order to make the process of matching a place to a volunteer more efficient, there are a few stages:

1. Filling a personal questionnaire. The first and crucial stage is filling out a questionnaire by those who wish to volunteer through Ruach Tova. The questionnaire includes personal details and an array of questions aimed at allowing the Ruach Tova team to learn about the personal preferences, skills and wishes of the person wanting to volunteer to enable placement in an organization best suited by his or her request and abilities, in which he or she will be able to contribute to the best of his or her ability. Filling the questionnaire can be done in a number of ways:

A. Filling the questionnaire on the Ruach Tova website here. Filling out the questionnaire takes a few minutes and should be completed, so that the staff at the national headquarters of Ruach Tova will be able to place the volunteers according to his or her wishes, qualifications, abilities, the time he or she is able to give for volunteering and his or her area of living or working by his or her choice. After filling out the questionnaire, click on send and the questionnaire will be received into the national database of Ruach Tova.

B. Contacting the Ruach Tova" staff via phone at 1-700-505-202 and getting the questionnaire via fax or mail, filling it out and sending it back via fax or mail.

C. Filling it out over the phone together with one of the Ruach Tova staff members by calling "Ruach Tova's" Volunteers Call Center at 1-700-505-202.

2. Personal interview. After filling out the questionnaire, it will be transferred to one of the regions coordinators, according to the area of living of the one requesting to volunteer. The coordinator will examine the details and preferences filled in the questionnaire and examine the suitable offers for volunteering within the database at his service. After this examination, the volunteer coordinator of the region will invite the candidate for volunteering for a personal interview, in order to get acquainted and examine together what will be the suitable volunteer activity, from the existing possibilities.

3. Applying for the volunteering position. The volunteer coordinator in the organization will accompany the volunteer and make sure he is fully integrated in the activity.

4. Continuous accompaniment and supervision. The region coordinator will keep continuous contact with the volunteer, to make sure both sides are satisfied. If the chosen volunteering position is not suitable, the coordinator will be there for the volunteer for a second match making, until the volunteer finds the most suitable place for volunteering.

5. Future relationship between Ruach Tova and its volunteers. Ruach Tova keeps continuous contact with the volunteers, through the website and a leaflet distributed to the volunteers, in order to expand its circle of volunteers to all the levels of society. Also, Ruach Tova coordinates unique volunteer activities and would be happy to join with them the general public through their volunteers.

To fill out a volunteer form, click here.

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