Volunteering in Israel

Refugee Centre in Tel Aviv

The African Refugee Development Center, ARDC, is running several  emergency shelters in the South of Tel Aviv where it is currently providing temporary accommodation to over 350 asylum seekers from different African countries. The improvised shelters are completely overcrowded and in some of the shelters the refugees are living in inhuman conditions.

We are looking for volunteers who can help improving the living conditions in the shelters and who want to take part in one of the following shelter support teams:

1. Daily shelter check in (& escorting refugees to the doctor/hospitals/authorities): check needs, cleaning arrangement, implement shelter rules, intake, other management tasks): Alice 054 / 6388 633

2. Meal arrangements (food pick-up, drivers, delivering dried food arrangements): Shlomit (Activists for Refugees), 054 / 554 6285

3. Health team: Carrie, 054 / 787 8121

4. Legal aid referral and counseling & individual cases: Alice, 054 6388 633

5. Social activity and educational program: languages classes, social activities: Hadas, 050 / 594 2012 and Avital, 050 / 598 6934

6. URGENT: "Future accommodation program": Locating apartments for refugees: Elisheva (ASSAF) 050 / 751 9558

7. URGENT: Referral to employment oportunities: aid refugees with work permits in finding work: Elisheva, 050 / 751 9558

8. Buddy program for the refugee minors without parents (age 12 to 16) who need guidance and companionship: Alice, 054 6388 633

If you are interested in volunteering in on of these teams, you can directly contact the above mentioned team coordinator.

For more information and general questions, please contact me at 054 / 6388 633 or by mail at alice@ardc-israel.org .


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