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Green Apprenticeship: Kibbutz Lotan

Program: Green Apprenticeship
Organization: Kibbutz Lotan
Website: http://www.kibbutzlotan.com/creativeEcology/ga/index.htm

Description: The Green Apprenticeship is an intensive work and study experience. The course combines theoretical and practical lessons in topics such as permaculture, organic gardening, alternative and natural building techniques, green technologies and ecological planning and design, with hands-on work experience in the building and maintenance of Lotan’s eco-projects, including environmental education center, organic gardens and migratory bird reserve.  The Green Apprenticeship course is interwoven in the daily life of the kibbutz and reflects the values expressed in our Mission Statement: a creative and egalitarian approach to Judaism, co-operative communal living, ecological awareness and a commitment to Tikun Olam.  Tours to local points of interest, neighboring kibbutzim, hikes, and other ecological projects are integrated in the course.  In addition, there are weekly evening lectures about kibbutz economics and social structure, and cultural/religious events on the kibbutz and in the region that occur throughout the program. Participants live on the kibbutz and eat in the kibbutz dining hall.  Graduates of the course will receive a Permaculture Design Certificate according to recognized standards set by the Permaculture Institute.

Contact: Mark Naveh
E mail: lotan-ecocenter@lotan.ardom.co.il
Phone: +972 8 6356811
Application deadline: rolling admissions
Timeframe: 10 weeks, autumn, winter and spring
Age of participants: 20 years or older
Location: Kibbutz Lotan, Negev

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