Volunteering in Israel

JDC Short-Term Service Programs

Program:  JDC Short-Term Service Programs

Organization:  American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

Website: http://www.jdc.org/how_volunteer.html

Description: JDC Short-Term Service Programs are connecting North American young adults to the global Jewish community through one to two-week volunteer programs in a Jewish community overseas. With each project, participants have the opportunity to engage in meaningful service, connect with peers abroad, and learn about the pressing needs of Jews around the world. Participants return home as advocates for the Jewish community they visited, ready to mobilize their friends, families, and communities to help.  For all Short-Term Service Programs, JDC partners with local Hillels and other agencies, who recruit and select participants, organize pre-trip orientation programming, and facilitate post-trip follow-up in the areas of advocacy and fundraising for overseas Jewish needs.
*At this time, JDC does not offer Short-Term Service Programs for individuals.

Contact: Naomi Sage, Associate Director, JDC Short-Term Service Programs
E mail: Naomi.sage@jdcny.org
Phone: 212-885-0852
Application deadline:  N/A
Timeframe:  7-10 days
Age of participants: college students & young adults
Location: JDC Short-Term Service Programs are currently taking place in Argentina, Ukraine, Israel, Lithuania, and other locations.

What the volunteers have to say:
Before the trip, the Argentine economic crisis was simply another crisis in the world.  This trip made me truly understand and feel the crisis.  The personal stories that my Argentine peers shared were invaluable to the way I now perceive the situation.  This trip changed my perception on life and what it means to help another person in needespecially a Jew to another Jew.

This trip stabilized my soul.  I was never sure of my place in Jewish society but now I feel a solidarity, strength of self, and courage of conviction I can only attribute to this journey and the people who came with me.

The international Jewish community has always just felt like America and Israel, but now Ive seen that its obviously much bigger.

I now realize that service plays a role in my Jewish identity.  I formerly only associated my Jewish identity with family traditions and prayer.

I dont know if its too soon to say, but this trip just might be one of the most formative experiences of my life.

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