Volunteering in Israel

Livnot Galilee Fellowship: Livnot U'Lehibanot

Program: Livnot Galilee Fellowship
Organization: Livnot ULehibanot
Website: www.livnot.com

Description: The Livnot Galilee Fellowship is an educational and volunteer community service program designed to assist the communities of Tzfat and Kiryat Shemona after the war of Summer 2006. This is a unique opportunity to travel, learn, help and challenge yourself. Work with Israelis and your peers to rebuild Kiryat Shmona and Tzfat, two of the communities hardest hit by the war in northern Israel. The 14-day program features hands-on community service, informal classes, hiking, touring and two special Shabbats. Service work include fixing, painting, building and gardening for bomb shelters and includes hiking, informal study and an incredible Jewish communal experience. The programs focus on helping to strengthen the weakest sectors of these communities who were most seriously affected by the recent conflict in the North. Galilee Fellowship participants, working in conjunction with these residents, will help make a difference.

E mail: programs@livnot.com with Livnot Galilee Fellowship in the subject line
Application deadline: Please see programs website
Timeframe: May 12-25, June 2-15, June 15-29, July 6-20, August 18-Sept.1, Sept.7-21 2008
Age of participants: 21 30 years old
Location: Galilee, Israel

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