Volunteering in Israel

One Family Fund: Host Terror Victims in Your Homes

OneFamily periodically sends groups of victims of terrorism abroad for visits to make communities in other parts of the world aware of the on-going horrific situation of the victims of terrorism in Israel, to garner support for the victims as they continue to deal with their difficulties, and to give the group a much-needed break.

During their visits, the participants speak to communities, attend fundraising functions, meet with community leaders and media representatives, and do some sight-seeing, enabling them to enjoy life a little without the concerns they face at home.

In addition to raising awareness abroad of the victims’ situation in Israel, OneFamily believes highly in the psychological and emotional benefits of such a trip; that it can go a very long way toward the recovery of these people.

You can be part of our Missions Abroad.  Host victims in your synagogue, school, or home.  Or plan an event yourself.  If you're interested, please contact us by email at info@onefamilyfund.org

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