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One Family Fund: Bar/Bat Mitzvah Twinning Program

Involvement and responsibility are a major component of Jewish identity our own, and our identification with our brethren all over the world. Such identification is extremely important as a young Jewish person matures into an adult. As you celebrate your Bar or Bat Mitzvah, you are in essence joining the Jewish nation, with all the responsibilities and privileges that brings. And your involvement in Jewish life begins in earnest.

Sharing your Bar or Bat Mitzvah with a child who has been harmed by terrorism is an amazing way to show your involvement and your sense of responsibility. It is the perfect way to show your areyvut with others your own age. And the OneFamily Fund Bar and Bat Mitzvah Twinning Program is the perfect way to do this.

The OneFamily Fund is the central organization providing comprehensive assistance to victims of terrorism in Israel. Among the assistance we provide is financial help to pay for the costs of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration for a child harmed by terrorism. Often, we will arrange and host the celebration at our Jerusalem Center. But we cant do it without the support and involvement of other Bar or Bat Mitzvah kids around the world. We need your help!

For a donation of $1800, you can twin with a Bar or Bat Mitzvah kid in Israel. You will receive a profile of the boy or girl you twin with, and addresses, phone numbers and email addresses will be exchanged. We encourage the twins and their families to remain in touch, and when your family visits Israel, we arrange for you to meet with the family of your twin.

The OneFamily Funds Bar and Bat Mitzvah Twinning program has proven to be very meaningful for its participants as well.

Meeting Amit and his family puts my own problems into perspective, one boy said after meeting his twin in Jerusalem. After hearing about how he lost his father, and how his grandfathers home was destroyed, I realize that my own problems are not that serious. Im glad I was able to help him, and it was great meeting him.

Sarah Heft of Montreal, who has maintained email contact with her twin recently wrote the following note to OneFamily:

Everyday I look in my mothers' mailbox, very eager and excited to see if Eden mailed me. When she does, and after I read the letter, I answer her immediately. Then I print her letter and put it in a special binder with all her letters to me.

Having a twin is Israel is really cool. You meet someone new and learn how different and similar their customs are with your own. In each letter Eden and I send to each other, we tell each other what we like to do in our free time, what we want to be when we grow up, how we would love to see each other on our special day and one day in the future, how we celebrate the Jewish holidays and many more things.

I think if more kids joined this organization it would be MAGNIFICENT! In North America we hear about people getting killed and or hurt but we don't know what it's like because it is so far away from here and we are not living in the middle of a war. When Eden told me what happened to her sister, it got more personal and I learned first hand what she felt. I really believe that it is important for more kids to get involved in the OneFamily Twinning program. It would show the people in Israel that people in other places really do care. It would also teach kids how a whole family is affected by one terrorist attack.

You can join this amazing program by contacting your nearest OneFamily office toll-free in North America at 1-866-9-1Family, or by email at rachel@onefamilyfund.org

To read more about the OneFamily Fund, please click here.

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