Volunteering in Israel

Ruach Tova

Ruach Tova connects between volunteers and organizations that need volunteers.

The Ruach Tova organization was formed in order to encourage the spirit of volunteering and giving in the Israeli society and be the "go to" place for any person or organization in need of assistance.

The country's recourses for welfare, support and aid services for those in need, whether they are in a temporary crisis or in permanent need, are limited. In their place are thousands of organizations and associations that work and contribute to those in need in diverse fields: welfare, education, health, the environment, animal rights, bereavement, sickness, disability, distress and more. These associations and organizations are assisted by tens of thousands of volunteers who do a holy work and are rewarded from the simple act of giving and contributing to society.

Ruach Tova constitutes a national coordination centre for the givers and the receivers, which implement the aspirations of giving and contributing to our fellow-man in accordance to their skill, knowledge, time and ability. Ruach Tova acts as a central address for anyone who wishes to volunteer and give, and to anyone who needs help, aid and support. It acts as a link between the volunteers of community partners and the organizations that need volunteers. The objective is to meet the requirements of both sides.

Within everyone of us exists great stores of power and strength of character with which we can share the good and give it to others in need. If every person took it upon himself to improve his or her life and environment, through personal choice and suitability specified by subject, place and the method he or she prefers. From the counseling, advising and aid of Ruach Tova, creating the connection between the givers and receivers, we will have a society of higher quality.

Ruach Tova encourages volunteering of any kind and operates dozens of unique projects for the welfare of the population, like recruiting volunteers to renovate an old age home and to help the needy on the eve of Passover; partnerships with food chains for collecting food donations for the needy during holidays; shows for children living in the periphery or children in hospital admission; encouraging companies and production plants to give to the community, like clothe surpluses, book bags for school, etc. - and distributing them to kids and families in need.

The Ruach Tova organization began its volunteer assignment program; nationally, methodically and expeditiously during 2004 and since then we've been joined by thousands of volunteers from across the country and all ages: children, teenagers, soldiers, students, academics, free professionals, salaried & independents, house-wives and retirees.

"Ruach Tova" is supported by the Ted Arison Family foundation. The Foundation was founded in 1993 by Ted Arison z"l and his daughter Shari Arison. The foundation's perspective is based on three values: charity, kindness, and Tikkun Olam, out of the aspiration for creating a meaningful change, encouraging excellence and social responsibility, and the creation of a better society. The foundation is a private, family initiative and does not raise funding from other sources. Thanks to the great support and contribution of Shari Arison and the foundation, "Ruach Tova" can operate throughout the year, continue its existing projects, as well as develop new ones. "Ruach Tova" is part of the philanthropic branch of the Arison Group.

"Ruach Tova" is trying to instill a different spirit in the Israeli society, a new spirit, a good spirit. It doesn't ask people for money, but contribution, which most times is worth more than a monitory            donation - the gift of giving.

The activity of "Ruach Tova" is made possible thanks Ted Arison Family Foundation.

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