Volunteering in Israel

Hillel: The Association for Those Who Leave to Question

We are group of over 250 volunteers. Our mission is to promote the successful integration of young people who decide to leave the haredi (ultra-Orthodox) communities in Israel in order to join the modern pluralistic world surrounding them.

Hillel Believes in the Right to Choose!

The fundamental principle that guides our association is the right of all human beings to choose the way of life most suitable to them individually.

We do not engage in any "missionary" activities, and we do not attempt to persuade people to join our world. 

We help those who have made their own decision to leave and who turn to us on their own initiative.


You are welcome to call and discuss the issues of leaving and obtain information about the work of the association.


What is Hillel's Mission?

The mission of Hillel is to help people who decide to leave the haredi (ultra-Orthodox) communities in Israel in order to become integrated into the modern pluralistic world surrounding them.

We  support, mentor, advice and help the 'yotsim' with educational counseling and cholarship aid. 

The Open Line 1-700-70-70-73 

Hillel serves as a shelter for those who are querying the values in the Ultra orthodox world, a world where investigation into ‘what’ and ‘why’ is frowned heavily upon by parents and teachers alike.

Our "open-line" is available every weekday night and after the end of the Sabbath

Telephone: 1-700-70-70-73

The people who turn to Hillel come from all the various haredi communities in Israel: Lithuanian (Mitnagdim), Hasidic and Sephardi. They are men and women from many different cultural and family backgrounds.  

What they all have in common is the desire to freely choose their own way of life.

Most of our newcomers are young, between the ages of 18 and 23.  At later ages most haredi men and women are married and have children, and for many reasons leaving becomes virtually impossible. (We have absorbed a few young families with children). 

We can help minor children only if they are referred by the Juvenile Courts or by Social Services.

For more information on Hillel, please click here.

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