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DROR: The Israeli Association for Housing Discharged Psychiatric Patients

Dror: How it all Started

Dror was established in 1980 in Raanana, with the objective of rehabilitating ex-psychiatric patients by placing them in supervised housing in the community after release from psychiatric care. Dror is a pioneer in this area in Israel, having been founded by professional staff from Shalvata Mental Health Center-Israel Psychiatry Association and the late philanthropists Izzy Shapira and Aryeh Michaeli.

Dror's Vision
We see as our task the advancement and improvement in teh quality of life of ex=psychiatric pateints in the areas of housing, employment, and social life.

Dror's Organizational Structure
Dror is a registered non-profit with the Board of Directors that sets policy. The members of the Board are professionals in the field of economics, psychiatry, and mental health, as well as concerned citizines, all serving in a voluntary capacity.

The Dror Team
Our staff is comprised of skilled and experienced social workers and rehabilitation guides. Staff members provide support, advice, and personal guidance, assisting the rehabilitees to integrate into the community. Our dedicated management is headed by Professional Director Udi Davidson and Administrative Director Rina Lanchner.

Sheltered Housing
Dror's top priority is the quality and location of sheltered housing for ex-psychiatric patients undergoing rehabilitation in the Sharon region. Dror currently oversees 19 rental units housing 73 residents, and supervises 20 rehabilitees who live on their own ("independents").Dror residents and independents live in teh community and work either in sheltered employment or in regular jobs. They run their households under supervision by professional personnel provided by Dror. All of our housing is accessible to public transportation.

Social Programming
Dror rehabilitees meet weekly in our social center in Raanana, where they are offered a range of quality programming.

Beit HaYotzer ("Crafter's Studio") Art Therapy Center
Slated to open its doors in January 2008, Beit HaYotzer is a unique project wherein rehabilitees will engage in artwork together with working artists from teh surrounding community.

Website: http://www.drorho.org.il/english/Default.aspx
Telephone: +972 (9) 743-0253
Fax: +972 (9) 743-0880

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