Volunteering in Israel

President's Medal 2006

2006 Winners of the Presidential Award for Volunteerism

Abraham Mordechai Carmi won the award for the many years of volunteerism to create a memorial for those who perished in the holocaust.

Intel Israels employees and managers, won the award for their extensive contribution in the community and for introducing children to their futures technology.

Latet, Israeli Humanitarian Aid, won the award for their ongoing work to stop human suffering in Israel and the world.

Jetta Rouch won the award for her years of work in educating adults, aiding absorption of New Olim (immigrants to Israel) and aiding handicapped people in Israel.

Israel Aids Task Force won the award for supporting Aids patients and their families, and for their work to prevent spreading of the disease.

Rachel Neria won the award for her ongoing public work in educating young generations to keep the legacy of the tradition.

Ze Lo BaShamyim (Its not in the Sky) Ensamble won the award for proving through stage work that handicapped people are equal to others and have lots to contribute to the community.

Mahdi Davos won the award for helping patients deal with the beurocracy involved in getting treated, and helping them realize a nicer world.

The IDF restoration and maintenance center (7000) won the award for their long term varied work in the community, especially with aiding populations in need.

Rachamim Itzhak won the award for his work supporting the immigration from Ethiopia by building bridges between Israeli community and the immigrants, and within the older and younger generations of the Ethiopian immigrants.

Shlomo (Momo) Nekave won the award for his work to raising awareness and acceptance of the handicapped.

Shoshana Kasuto-Evron won the award for her support of families who lost their children in the army service.

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