Volunteering in Israel

Open letter to volunteers and organizations

Dear Volunteers,
The National Volunteering Council in Israel wishes to express its true appreciation and admiration due to your blessed activity during both days of routine and days of emergency and crisis.
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This article was translated from Hebrew to English by Guy Bardan – Thank you!

Your activities during the war helped recruit thousands of volunteers from all across the country down south strengthened the mutual solidarity in the Israeli society and proved that the glue that holds us together as one nation and one society still exists.


During the recent years Dr. Mina Zemach came up with several surveys for The National Volunteering Council. The surveys show that there is a decrease in the percentage of Israeli volunteers: In the year 2000, one of every four Israelis was a volunteer, though in the year 2008, only one of every seven Israelis volunteered. On the other hand, as to volunteering on the business field, there was a big increase, stating the feeling of responsibility that companies have toward their community, beside their ambitions for business excellency.


The Big Volunteering Organizations Forum (consisting over 1,000 volunteers nationwide) announced that during the current year (by the Jewish calendar), which started on September 30th, 2008, the volunteering issue will be promoted as a first-priority mission. In order to do so, we turn to you in a request to help us absorb additional volunteers to your organization.


The importance of absorbing new volunteers is part of the momentum that we wish to preserve, thanks to the new spirit surging in the Israeli society as a result of "Cast Lead" operation. We wish to leverage and maintain the solidarity achievements in the Israeli society.


We turn to you, volunteers and voluntary organizations, in order for you to describe to us and detail your needs, so that we will be able to assist you in enlarging the community of volunteers in our nation.


Standing in your possession is the Israeli Volunteering Portal, used by 117,000 people monthly. You may use the Portal for requesting a volunteering program, advertise a request, recruiting or proposing volunteers and any other matter that has to do with volunteering and voluntary projects.  The National Volunteering Council staff is at your service at the following phone number: 03-560-8888.


Available for the voluntary organizations is also "Ruach Tova ("Good Spirit" in Hebrew) organization telephone service center at: 1-700-505-202.

Also "Ruach Tova" deals with absorbing and assigning volunteers.


In addition to the following the joint effort, a "Good Deeds" day will take place (organized by "Ruach Tova") on the 24th of March.

During that day, various one-time voluntary projects will take place all over the country.


We call all the organizations and their managers to grasp an initiative, take responsibly and increase the voluntary work and goodness in the Israeli society.


We believe that the voluntary organizations do not reduce the governments' duties and tasks, because the government needs to take charge of matters as if the voluntary organizations don't exist, whilst the voluntary organizations need to take responsibility as if the government doesn't exist.


We believe that together, with our joint forces, we will be able to place the volunteering and acts of giving and good will in the respectable place that it deserves- as a top value in the Israeli society.



                                                  Be Blessed,


                                        Yoram Chagai Zacks, Lawyer

Chairman of the National Volunteering Council in Israel                 

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