Volunteering in Israel


What is WIZO?
WIZO stands for the Womens International Zionist Organization.  It is the largest International organization catering for women, children and the elderly in Israel, with a comprehensive network of 800 institutions and programs.  These projects include 9 schools and youth villages, 178 day care centers, youth clubs and womens shelters for victims of domestic violence and their children.
On a daily basis, WIZO, through its network of day care centers, cares for about 14,000 children

Who is WIZO looking for?

World WIZO is looking for volunteers with an expected length of stay between 3-6 months who are between the ages of 22-30 with excellent English communication skills to provide 20 hours of work a week to the World WIZO fundraising department.  Knowledge of Hebrew, along with French and/or Spanish is encouraged.  Knowledge of non-profit organizations and fundraising also a plus. 

Why Intern with WIZO?

Interning with the World WIZO Fundraising Dept will give volunteers the opportunity to gain valuable experience in non-profit fundraising and development while volunteering for a top organization dedicated to the betterment of women, children and the elderly in Israel.   Duties include valuable experience learning the organizational intricacies of WIZO, translating and writing important documents that will lead to large donations to WIZOs centers and researching new and important ways to grow WIZOs donation base.

How do You Contact Us?
Annette Crandell
Senior Fundraising Associate
03 692 3932

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