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Permaculture and Sustainable Agriculture


This project takes place in Nir Moshe, a small community in the northwestern part of the Negev Desert which lies about 30 minutes from Be'er Sheva and 1.5 hours from Jerusalem. It is a very tight knit community that provides volunteers with that great "home away from home" feeling.
The volunteer work takes place on an educational eco-farm in Nir Moshe. The farm was started by a family in Nir Moshe in 2003, and has now grown to be home to many permanent residents, families, and volunteers.

About the Project

The eco-farm was created around the principles of sustainable living and embracing all that nature provides for us. They focus on four main portals to spreading their message and living sustainable lives - utilizing sustainable energy resources and recycling, sustainable gardening and agriculture methods without the use of pesticides, creating a cooperative community in which everyone pitches in, and spreading knowledge through tours, workshops, seminars, and lectures.

Volunteer Work and Contribution

There are two parts to this project. The first week on the project, the majority of your time will be spent in a permaculture class where you will learn about and practice the ideology and technicalities of permaculture and sustainable farming.
Following the first week, you will get to dive into work on the farm. Your duties will involve:
 • Sustainable agriculture: composting, taking care of garden beds and orchards
• Building with natural materials such as straw, mud, and wood
• Helping in the community kitchen
• Taking care of the free range chickens
• Other maintenance work around the farm
The work will be about 7 hours per day starting as early as 6 am with a lunch break mid-day. Evenings and weekends are free.

To apply for this program, see Permaculture and Sustainable Agriculture

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