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Refugee Community Aid in Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv-Yaffo is a small, but vibrant city located along the beautiful, blue-green Mediterranean Sea, on the Western coast of Israel.  With its bustling atmosphere, and famous 24-hour lifestyle, you can not ask for a better location.

About the Project

The project was started by a group of Darfurian refugees that arrived in Israel after fleeing continuous war in Western Sudan. Taking their firsts steps while still in detention, the group was founded on the premise that refugees should gather in order to support each other and their growing community in Israel. The project aims to ensure that the basic needs of all refugees are met; these needs are defined by the organization as: housing, employment, medical care, education, empowerment for women and youth, and a strong sense of community. The project also aims to educate refugees on their rights, providing access and support to people that may aid in obtaining specific rights and benefits.

Volunteer Contribution

The placement offers a variety of dynamic roles allowing volunteers to make the best of their personal experiences and skills. Volunteers will contribute to the following aspects of the program:
Teaching: volunteers will assist with womens classes in English and computer studies that aim at empowering women within the refugee community. Volunteers will also provide English classes and homework assistance for children as well as language lessons for the general community. Volunteers are encouraged to bring a teaching aid kit with them to help them express any personal passions or skills. This can include kids' books for reading, arts and crafts, musical instruments, world maps, et cetera
Administration: volunteers will partake in numerous administrative tasks from secretarial duties to grant writing. Generally, assistance will be required with the administrative management of the organization as well as the processing and interviewing of refugees.
Community: volunteers will have great opportunities to directly impact the quality of life for those within the refugee community by participating in food distribution, home visits, and organizing cultural activities. There is also the special task of creating a film about the Darfurian refugees and the organization that is having such a great impact on this growing community.
Schedule: volunteers are expected to work from Sunday to Thursday around 6 hours per day (12 day volunteers will work on Friday as well). On the occasion when there is a weekend cultural event, volunteers will receive an alternative day off during the week.
Orientation: on arrival day volunteers will meet a representative at 10:00 AM for an orientation about the project and travel directions.

Minimum age of 18

For full program details and to apply, see Refugee Community Aid in Tel Aviv

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