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South Africa: Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

About the project
Nestled in a picturesque setting at the base of the Drakensberg escarpment in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, this center has become a haven for the rehabilitation and care of abandoned, injured and poisoned wildlife.

Wildlife is brought to the center from all corners of South Africa, and once healthy enough are re-introduced into their natural habitats. Those animals that cannot be returned to the wild due to the nature and extent of their injuries are cared for at the center and are used to educate the many people who visit us each year, both from across South Africa and abroad.

Another important function of the center is breeding. We have successfully bred and released into the wild the endangered Crowned Eagle, Serval and many others.

This Centre is a non-profit organization, relying completely on the support of the public.

As a volunteer on this project,  you will be involved in many aspects of conservation and animal care. You will also work and live with volunteers and professional staff from around the world.

Volunteer work and contribution
Working as a volunteer you will be involved in many aspects of conservation and animal care under professional supervision.

Hand nurturing of orphaned animals from cheetah cubs to warthogs.
The care and welfare of the permanent residents which, because of the nature of their injuries, cannot be released back into the wild.
Cleaning of animal enclosures and scrubbing their bed mats 
The treatment and care of sick and injured animals which can subsequently be released back into the wild.
Assisting with the upkeep of center such as road maintenance, removal of alien vegetation, etc...
Attending call-outs to capture animals for relocation or to be brought into the centre for treatment. This may be by darting or humane trapping.
Wildlife veterinary work, which would be mostly observational.
Game capture and relocation when appropriate.
Volunteer’s hours are usually 7am until 5pm and you're expected to help wherever necessary. However, due to the nature of  rehabilitation work, nothing is predictable or guaranteed.

Accommodation, Food & Facilities
Separate male and female accommodation is provided (2 - 4 to a room) in a comfortable brick and reed bungalow. There are shared bathrooms with hot shower, flushing toilets, large kitchen and living area. Linen and towels are provided, but please supply your own bathing towel.

3 delicious meals are provided at the Forest Camp Lodge, which means walking 10 min through the bush to get there, for breakfast and lunch. For supper, volunteers get a bush ride by vehicle to and from the lodge, which gives us a chance to see nocturnal animals in the evening.

Internet: none on site, Internet cafe near the camp

Laundry: washing service available

Not just work...Quiet time is on Sundays, and although volunteers still tend to the feeding of all the animals, there is ample relaxation time.  If you want to get active, educational trips can be organized for an extra fee to nearby attractions, including the stunning Kruger National Park. 

Minimum requirements
Min age 18 - Max age 80
Basic English
Good physical fitness
Motivation to work with animals
Full travel & medical insurance
Immunizations (please consult your doctor)

To apply for this program, see Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

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