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South Africa: Lion Park

About the project
Established in 1965, The African Lion Park is home to more than 86 lions, including the rare white lion.The park also boasts other animal species, such as cheetahs, wild dogs, various hyenas, giraffes and a variety of antelope species indigenous to Africa.The park allows wonderful up close views and other once-in-a-lifetime interactions with these animals.

The Lion Park is a member of PAAZAB (The Zoological Institute of South Africa) reflecting the high standard of care that is provided to all animals in it's habitat.

The general aim of the Lion Park is to increase public understanding of African wildlife and to educate the public on the conservation of the ecosystems where such wildlife reside. Visitors and volunteers play a crucial part in conservation, education and animal care. In addition, the park has a breeding program for the rare white lion, already extinct in the wild. Volunteers that are interested in ecological concepts will find this project fascinating and stimulating.

Volunteer work and contribution
As a volunteer you will assist with the daily tasks of feeding and caring for the animals, cleaning and maintaining the animal enclosures and interacting with the people that visit the park on a daily basis. The visitors vary greatly, and include both locals and foreigners, giving you a chance to interact with local populations and participate in cultural exchange (such as school groups).

A typical volunteer day starts at 8am to the call of the African birds.Tasks can include:

preparing bottles and food for lion cubs and other species
cutting up meat for older lions
cleaning the nursery
walking cubs from the nursery to "cub world" (an interaction that you are sure to enjoy)
cleaning animal enclosures and general cleaning/maintenance of the visitors area
acting as a tour guide for visiting groups
The work day lasts until 5pm and is varied, interesting, educating and stimulating.

Accommodation & Food
The volunteer accommodation is on the premises of the Lion Park. The facilities are shared safari tents overlooking the herbivore savannah area which hosts zebras, giraffes, oryx, springboks impalas, ostriches AND MORE. Each night at the Lion Park you will be lulled to sleep by the sound of lions roaring and hyenas laughing, jackals calling, and the sight of beautiful stars. 

You will be staying in shared tents for 4 people with electricity
Beds with linen are provided
Bathroom facilities include clean hot water showers, basins and mirrors
Fully functional kitchen
Washers and Dryers are available
Electric points are available in tents for light and chargers
Volunteers receive breakfast and lunch, and will get the chance during their stay to go to an authentic African restaurant on us
Dinner isn't included- Volunteers will go to a store to purchace groceries once a week for dinner.
Vegetarian friendly (if you have any other special food requests, please let us know upon registration) 

Not just work...This Lion Park is conveniently located about 15 minutes from various pubs, bars, clubs and casinos, making this the ultimate destination for the volunteer tourist looking for a hands-on experience with the animals during the day, and a chance to experience a bit of the local flavor at night. You are sure to have an uproarious experience at the Lion Park of South Africa. Evening activities will also occasionally be offered to the volunteers. These can include a screening of a wildlife documentary or a group outing. 

Minimum requirements
Min age 18 - Max age 70
Basic English
Good physical fitness
Motivation to work with animals
Full travel & medical insurance

To apply for this program, see Lion Park


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