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Kenya: Wildlife Conservation

About the project
This project has been run by a private charity since 1997 and aims to conserve primates in the region of Kwale. In particular they work on sustaining the colobus monekey,  of which only thousands have survived in Kenya. Kwale is considered one of the top 25 global 'biodiversity hotspots' (area containing a large variety of plants and animals), therefore its conservation value is extremely important. However, due to rapid and uncontrolled economic growth, the natural resources of this region are under pressure. As a volunteer in this project you will take an active part in the conservation and study of primates and their natural habitat, while enjoying the natural treasures and amazing beaches of this area. You will live with other volunteers and staff from around the world, meet local people and experience diverse cultures.

Volunteer work and contribution
There are a variety of projects underway at any given time. As a volunteer, you will be allocated specific duties depending upon your relative experience and current openings, however all volunteers should be willing to assist with any aspect of the work when required and to change their focus if the need arises. These are some of the activities you will be expected to carry out:

Participate in animal welfare, husbandry, rescues and releases;
Work with local communities in education, wildlife conflict and habitat restoration;
Work alongside Kenyans fixing monkey bridges, de-snaring, maintaining monkey cages;
Carry out valued primate consensus and forest health surveys;
Your normal working week will be Monday to Friday 0800 to 1700, and some help on Sunday with care of monkeys in rehabilitation. Saturdays and evenings are your own, and you can take free time during working days, as long as all your assigned work is completed.

Accommodation is basic and comfortable. You will be sharing a room and bathroom with other volunteers. Facilities include electricity, gas, showers (hot water is turned on once a day), overhead fans, mosquito net, cleaning and laundry service. The cook will prepare good quality African meals Monday to Saturday. On Sundays a cold meal is provided. The house is in a secure area and has a night guard who patrols the house and garden area. There is also a silent alarm button in each room.    

The house/office is nestled in the forest, only 100 meters away from the Indian Ocean and the white sand beach. Also the property hosts the quarantine and rehabilitation cage for monkeys, and the veterinary clinic.        

The forest of the cottage is also home to resident troops of baboons, vervet and Sykes monkeys, the endangered Black and White Angolan Colobus Monkey and many more species of wildlife.

Not just work...A hotel near by offers free access to the swimming pool, lounge chairs, restaurants and bars.  Snorkeling, scuba diving, kite surfing, walks in sacred forests, bird walks, and more are also available at your own cost. Trips to the nearby national parks can be arranged from Diani.

Minimum requirements
Min age 18 - Max age 70
Basic English
Good physical fitness
Motivation to work for nature and conservation
Full travel & medical insurance
Immunizations (please consult your doctor)

To apply, please see Wildlife Conservation

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