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China: Teach and Travel

About the project
This rewarding program is a great way for you to discover China, its culture, customs and people. You will be teaching in a school in the Guangxi County, Guilin City--- a relatively underdeveloped area, but with excellent scenery all around. As a participant, you will be working as an English teacher teaching mainly conversational English to students of all ages.

The local schools with whom we cooperate offer great hospitality and expect the participants to be committed English teachers. The participants are not expected to be trained teachers, however volunteers but should be those who enjoy teaching in a fun and creative way. You will be working as a regular assistant English teacher (every school participating in the project does have a Chinese English teacher too) or you may have special activity classes (sports/environment etc).

Introduction & Teacher Training
All participants will take part in our standard Introduction week and a 1 week Teacher Training Program. The Teacher training program focuses on helping participants become confident teachers and gives them an opportunity to learn about the culture, customs,  an introduction to the Chinese language and to take part in some excursions.

We do not expect all participants to be or to become professionalteachers. The training will be focused on how to manage a class, what to teach and how to conduct oneself in a Chinese classroom. Through this training, you will also learn more about the Chinese culture but in a hands on, practical way.

The introduction and the Teacher Training Program will take place at our center in Fengyan village. In the first 2 weeks, you will get to know:

1. General introduction to the culture, language and the surroundings:

Chinese cultural differences, survival Chinese lessons, opportunities to meet local people are offered. You will also get to meet Chinese youth volunteers from all over China.

2. Chinese Culture:

Experience the  local lifestyle --- learn how to make local tea, special food named Zongzi, understand more about Chinese school systems, student psychology and  enjoy  excursions  to the mountains, to enjoy the fruit harvest, and to visit some successful models of villages with eco-agriculture etc.

3. Teaching Techniques:

You will learn more about how to teach the students both theoretically and practically, including classroom management, teaching planning, textbook analysis etc. Observe the classes of your peers as well as of experienced teachers and do some practice teaching of your peers as well as local students.

Volunteer work and contribution
After participating in the Introduction Week and Training Week, you will be placed in a local school that cannot afford Foreign teachers in or around Guangxi County, since they lack English teachers.

Your placement is decided during your training period. We work with schools all over Guilin and with students of all ages from kindergarten age to secondary school. Most schools are located in  rural areas, where there are few foreign teachers. Most probably, you will be the first foreign teacher for the children.

Your main role is to teach conversational English, so you can be creative and have fun doing this. C urrent volunteers often use songs and games to aid them in their teaching, which is great fun for you and your students! The students are very keen to learn and enjoy having foreign teachers at the school.

Proffesional responsibilities
At school you will be expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner. These details will be discussed in the training program. In particular, your dress standard and your professionalism with regard to attendance and duties will be very important. You will be assigned an on-site contact person who will guide and provide support to you. Please ensure that you follow the advice of the contact person at all times.

The key elements to success in the schools are communication, flexibility and patience.

You will be expected to teach at least 15 hours per week. All participants will have at least two full days off each week. This will usually be the weekend; but there may be occasions when this varies.

Accomodation & Facilities
Your accommodation whilst you are on your teaching placement is provided  by your school on the school site or you may stay in our Project Center in Fengyang village, Guangxi County.

All your food is included. You will have your meals at the school canteen. Some schools have additional cooking facilities at the designated accommodations, if you wish to use these. Supermarkets and restaurants are available. If you stay in our Project Centre, you will have meals at our Centre.

Please note that not all the schools in the area have hot water. However, due to the climate this shouldn't be a problem!

Minimum requirements
Min age 18
Minimum period of participation is 3 months
Hold a 3-month Visa when you come to China
High level of English
The participant is psychologically fit
Motivation to work with children
Full travel & medical insurance
Immunizations (please consult your doctor)

To apply for this program, see Teach and Travel

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