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China: Paid Teaching

About the program
This is an exciting program for ambitious and adventurous people who want to experience the real China.

This program provides you with a unique opportunity to get paid work in China as an English teacher. During your time in China, you will work as an English teacher, study the Chinese language and learn all about the culture. During the school holidays you will have the chance to travel the country.

The paid teaching English program is a fantastic way to experience the real China, to immerse yourself in Chinese culture and to have the opportunity to make friends with Chinese people.

This program provides you the unique opportunity to get a paid job in China as an English teacher. During the first 4 weeks, there will be intense training in order to prepare for the teaching experience in the pleasant city of Yangshuo.

Introduction & Teacher Training
In order to help you become a committed and confident teacher, we provide you with a 4-week Introduction and training period in Yangshuo. This will involve some teacher training; but additionally the chance to learn about the culture, customs, an introduction to the Chinese language and some excursions. The training will be focused on how to manage a class, what to teach and how to conduct yourself in a Chinese classroom. Through this training, you will also learn more about the Chinese culture but in a different way.

Part 1 - The General Introduction
You will get to know the staff, your fellow participants and about the local area. You will gain more understanding of Chinese customs and culture and will also have ‘survival' Chinese lessons. These Chinese lessons will help you get by during your time in China! You will also get to meet students and visit nearby schools.

Part 2 - Chinese Culture
Understanding more about the Chinese school systems, planning lessons, student psychology, and excursions. You will have an excursion -this could be a countryside tour, to the mountains, a tea plantation or another seasonal cultural experience. You will also have a one-night home stay with a local Chinese family and have an excursion to the beach or a nearby island.

Part 3 - Learning How to Teach
You will learn more about how to teach the students, and will observe lessons from Chinese teachers and also from other foreign teachers.

Part 4 - The Teaching Practice
You will practice teaching your peers and also in the local schools in the area. This is to make sure you are confident in the classroom before beginning your teaching placement. At the end of this training you will have a party to celebrate!

Accommodation & facilities during Training
Accommodation will be at a hostel near the training center in Yangshuo. These are of a good Chinese standard and are twin sharing with running hot water and have been checked by our staff. All your food is included; and all meals are provided at the University canteen. The food is typically Chinese with lots of variety.

Teaching placements
You will be advised of your placement during the training period. The individual schools determine the placements through selection based on your application. Placement is guaranteed upon the completion of the Introduction & Training. The schools and language training centers are in Yangshuo County, Guilin Region in Guangxi Province and Xian city in Shanxi province. The schools in China will vary greatly as they do in all education systems. Schools are usually large, with between 1,000 and 5,000 students. The schools are a mixture of private schools and government schools.

Schools offer many after school activities for students
Class sizes will vary and may be up to 50 students
Schools generally have good equipment and resources, even though English resources are limited
Recreation facilities are generally of a high standard
Foreign teachers are not always common in schools
There are two semesters in each academic year. Each term is approximately 5 months in duration. The first term starts in early September. The second term starts in March and is dependent on the time of Chinese New Year, which is usually late January to late February. The summer breaks are 6-8 weeks in length from July to August. The winter breaks are 4 weeks in length from January to February. Some schools offer Summer Schools during the summer break.

Teaching Salary
The average salary for a regular foreign teacher with the training is between 450 and 800 Euro per month with a minimum teaching time of 20 hours per week.

Professional responsibilities
Within the school you will be expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner. These details are covered in the training program. In particular, your dress standard and your professionalism with regard to attendance and duties will be very important in your new role. You will be assigned with a contact person who will guide and provide support to you. Please ensure that you follow the advice of the contact person at all times. The key elements to success in the schools are communication, flexibility and patience.

Accommodation during teaching placement
Participants are expected to cover their own living expenses after the introduction month. Some schools and training centers will offer free food and accommodation and some schools will provide assistance in finding suitable accommodation nearby.

Minimum requirements
College graduate
Native speaker or equivalent English ability
CV and at least one reference  
Minimum period of participation is 4 months
The participant is psychologically fit
Able to teach a of minimum 20 hours of English per week
Full travel & medical insurance
Immunizations (please consult your doctor)

To apply for this program, see Paid Teaching 


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